Blast Foundations Online One Year

Blast Foundations Online One Year

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Thank you.

thank you

I am having a hard time locating the link where I can download the reading passages that go along with the lessons.  Please help me.  

<p>I would like to download the reading passages for blast.</p> Can you please help me?

I am a teacher with Nebo School District in Utah. We are supposed to have a yearly subscription to Blast for our first grade classes. I tried to log in to teach today and I cannot figure out how to do it. Everything just keeps sending me to "ordering" locations.  Please help me get going so I can teach!!! Melanie Kunz385-219-7092

I'm having the same issue. Have they contacted you yet?

I teach at Highland Park in San Antonio Texas for SAISD and can't seem to log on to the online for BLAST or HD. (Special Ed). Could you tell me if I have an active account?

Download your missing dll from page. Fix your error now!

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