Countdown Digital Lesson Plan Teacher Guide Set 1-year

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Countdown Digital Lesson Plan Teacher Guide Set 1-year

Price: $95.00

Countdown Digital Lesson Plan Set 1-year



The Countdown Digital Teach Guide is the digital version of  the printed Countdown Teacher Guide Set>>

Please note that you will need two devices to teach using the Countdown Digital Teacher Guide:

Purchase everything you need to teach a classroom of 20 students:

The Countdown Digital Teacher Guide Set allows you to read your teacher guides on a laptop or tablet and includes:
  • Digital one-year subscription
  • All three digital lesson plan books - Segmented by units
  • Scripted, ready-to-teach lesson plans
  • Thorough explanation of concepts, routines, and procedures
  • Options for adjusting and differentiating instruction
  • Embedded, incremental professional development—no phonological awareness or phonics background needed!


The Countdown Digital Teacher Guide Set includes all three books:

Book 1 & 2 are designed to be taught in the first half of kindergarten and finishes with students reading simple CVC words. In this book, students learn about and build confidence with the alphabetic principle. They play with phonemes, learning simple letter-sound relationships, encoding and decoding simple words, and participate in rhyming activities.

Book 3 -  continues into more advanced concepts and is designed to be taught in the second half of kindergarten. It finishes with students reading and understanding the substructures of more complex single-syllable words like hush, flash, pond, and dust, and being exposed to two-syllable words like catfish, sunset, and insect.




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