Countdown for K Classroom Setup with Virtual Components

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Countdown for K Classroom Setup with Virtual Components

Price: $999.00

Countdown Classroom Setup with Virtual Components


Everything one teacher needs to teach 20 students.

  • 1 x Countdown Teacher’s Guide Lesson Plan Set (Book 1, 2, and 3)
  • 20 x Guided Practice Student Workbooks-used with Teacher’s Guide Book 3
  • 1 x Countdown Online™ School-year subscription
  • 10 x Countdown Student Kits (2 students share one kit)
  • 20  Reading Playground school year licenses (student seats)
  • 1 Virtual Implementation Teacher Training Course seat 
  • 1 x Poster Set
  • 1 x Wall Card Set

All the lessons are built for the teacher and include a thorough explanation of the concepts, routines, and procedures. The lessons are easy to follow so they can be taught by a wide range of educators, not just seasoned literacy professionals, and phonics specialists. For those unfamiliar with teaching phonemic awareness and phonics, the guides include incremental professional development for each lesson.

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