Countdown Workbook & Reading Playground Bundle (Min 5)

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Countdown Workbook & Reading Playground Bundle (Min 5)

Price: $21.00

Countdown Student Workbook & Reading Playground Bundle (Min 5)

To ensure your kids can continue their independent student practice we are offering both the Reading Playground and the Student Workbook for only $21/student. The bundle includes:

  • Reading Playground - School Year Subscription July 1 - June 30 - ($19 value per student seat)
  • Guided Student Practice Workbook - ($10 value per student seat)

Download our Reading Playground Overview PDF>>

Countdown has one Guided Student Practice Workbook that contains everything a student needs to practice and build mastery with the skills taught during the week. This workbook is used in the second half of Kindergarten in conjunction with Teachers Guide Book 2. The workbook activities are designed to facilitate guided practice. Guided practice is a crucial component for most students. There is no replacement for a teacher hearing a child read out loud and offering real-time corrective (adjusting) feedback.

For Independent practice the Reading Playground includes:

  • A play-based digital platform for practicing skills learned in Countdown Instruction. 
  • Student assessment and practice.
  • Research-aligned activities are designed to accelerate the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to transform unfamiliar words into familiar and instantly recognizable words.
  • An adaptive platform that honors the diversity of students’ abilities to master their phonics skills at different rates and with different amounts of practice.
  • Responsive capabilities, so it can be used across multiple devices and platforms.
  • An easy-to-read teacher dashboard, so you can monitor individual student performance.

We are also excited to announce many new additions and improvements to the Reading Playgrounds including:

  • Additional games and units
  • Student performance reporting
  • Usability upgrades
  • Simplified license management



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