Happy New Year - Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Really Great Reading's Blog

Welcome to Really Great Reading's Blog
A look at phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency & word attack skills

I hope you are having a Happy New Year! We want to thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work as educators. As a means to support your commitment, we are excited to announce that we are launching the Really Great Reading Blog. This biweekly blog will dig deep into phonemic awareness, phonics concepts, sight words, word attack skills, accurate reading, and fluency. Here's a sneak peek at some of our upcoming blogs:
  • Midyear Reading Benchmarks – Where should your students be?
  • Five Layers of Phonemic Awareness – How they work together & build on each other
  • Group Students K-12 for Targeted Reading Instruction – Three Best Practices
  • Making Sight Words Stick – Six Solid Solutions
  • Six Syllables Types – Efficient Teaching Tips
  • Effective Spelling Instruction – Beyond the Memorized List
In addition to our blog topics, our literacy specialists will bring you Teacher Tips that will give you fun strategies; Fast Facts that will increase your literacy knowledge; In Class where we will share student success stories; Check It Out! that will link you to a whole host of complimentary teaching resources; and last but not least, Word of the Week, with a focus on word attack skills.
Click the links below to see some of our first posts:

Teacher Tip - Really Great Reading's Blog

Fun Strategies to Use
Every other week we will give you teaching tips, fun strategies that you can use immediately in the classroom. Check out our Teacher Tip>>

Fast Fact - Really Great Reading's Blog

Nuggets of Knowledge
Here we'll share research and data from literacy experts on the importance of developing foundational reading skills in students of all ages. Click here for a fun Fast Facts>>

In Class - Really Great Reading's Blog

Student Success Stories
In each blog we will highlight your funny, touching and inspiring student stories. Send us your stories and we will share as many as we can! Email us today>>

Word of the Week - Really Great Reading Blog

Teacher Resources
In Check it Out! we will offer links to a whole host of excellent complimentary teaching resources that will enhance and differentiate your instruction. Check Out our new complimentary diagnostic tools>>


Word of the Week - Really Great Reading Blog

Discover Reading at the Word Level
We will take a close look at words. We'll share fun strategies that you can use immediately in the classroom. By teaching word attack skills you help your students read more accurately, which in turn can lead to better fluency and ultimately improved comprehension. What list of words accounts for 50-75% of all English words in text? Click here to learn more>>

Educator Feedback - Really Great Reading Blog

We Love Educator Feedback & Questions
Contact us anytime. Our mission is to provide educators with the most efficient and effective tools for teaching phonemic awareness, phonics concepts, word attack skills, accurate reading and fluency. Student outcomes are our number one goal. No one knows their students better than educators. Therefore your thoughts, strategies, student successes and feedback are held in high esteem! Send us your feedback and experiences>>







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