Implementation Workshops

Really Great Reading's Implementation Workshops

Are you implementing CountdownBlastHD Word, or Boost/Blitz? Would you like your teachers to learn how to prepare students to face the challenges of complex content area reading, lesson pacing, routines, and procedures? Would you like us to come directly to your school? Call 866-401-7323 x3 or send us an email request>>

Countdown Workshops

Countdown Teacher's Guide Lesson Plan Set

Countdown Workshop Description>>

Supplemental Instruction
15-25 Minutes a Day

Kindergarten - Prevention, Tier 1, Whole Class

Blast Workshops

Blast Foundations Teacher Guides and Workbooks

Blast Workshop Description>>

Supplemental, Intervention, RTI, Tier 1, 2 & 3
15-25 Minutes a Day
1st Grade - Prevention, Tier 1, Whole Class
Grades 2–3 - Early intervention
Grades 4–6 - Beginning ELLs or cognitively delayed students

HD Word Workshops

HD Word Workshop Description>>

Supplemental, Intervention, RTI, Tier 1, 2 & 3
15-25 Minutes a Day

Grades 2–3 - Prevention, Tier 1, Whole Class
Grades 2–12 - Intervention for non-cognitively delayed students.

Boost & Blitz Workshops

Boost/Blitz Workshop Description>>

Intervention, RTI, Tier 2 & 3
40-60 Minutes a Day 
Boost - Grades 3–12, RTI, Tier 3, Spec Ed
Blitz - Grades 4–12, RTI, Tier 2 & 3, Spec Ed

Decoding and the Struggling Reader

Decoding and the Struggling Reader Workshops

Teacher background knowledge is a key component to successful reading intervention. Really Great Reading offers different training options to provide teachers and interventionists with the background knowledge they’ll need to successfully diagnosegroupand teach  struggling decoders. Even if you don’t use Blast Foundations, Phonics Blitz or Phonics Boost, our professional development will offer you valuable techniques for helping struggling readers.

See a schedule of workshops or learn more about our workshops, webinars and training modules>>

Foundational Skills Survey

Complimentary Diagnostics

Really Great Reading offers a family of complimentary diagnostic decoding assessments to help educators understand their students' word-level reading skills. These complimentary downloads contain everything you’ll need for initial assessment of an unlimited number of students. Each packet provides an explanation of how the survey results can be used to group students, and how to use data to plan effective and efficient instruction.

In just 5-7 minutes, these one-on-one, informal diagnostic assessments can answer these key questions: Which students are struggling with decoding? What types of words are they struggling with? What is the source of the underlying confusion? What type of instruction will yield the greatest results. 

Learn more and download our complimentary diagnostic assessments>>

Grouping Matrix

Complimentary Grouping Matrix

Successful reading interventions start with accurate diagnosis and grouping. Really Great Reading’s Grouping Matrix helps facilitate differentiated data-driven instruction and reporting. It is a free, web-based data management system that enables educators to group students (K- 12) according to the type and depth of their decoding difficulties. The same data management system can be used to monitor progress, report, and adjust.

NEW - Grouping Matrix Live Assess

Now you can assess and group your students in just one step. As you listen to your students read, enter the miscues directly into the Grouping Matrix, and it will do the rest.  “Live Assess” will pinpoint the types of word a student is misreading, identify specific areas of confusion, total the types of errors, record the results, and group your students according to their decoding strengths and weaknesses. It’s never been easier to diagnose and group your students. 

Learn more and sign up for free access to the Grouping Matrix>>


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