Launchpad for Pre-K - Shipping August 2020

Launchpad for Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness

Launching & Shipping August 2020

Visit our Explore Launchpad site where you can download a sample lesson, test drive the online tool that teachers use to present the lessons, and learn more about Launchpad for Pre-K. 

In only 15–20 minutes a day, offer your youngest students the opportunity to develop an understanding that sounds are represented by letters that can be put together to create words, a recognition of the concepts of print, letter name, letter-sound knowledge, and a strong start in phonological and phonemic awareness. 

Launchpad is playful and powerful evidence-based foundational skills instruction that prepares students for kindergarten. It is game-based, teacher-led, Interactive, kinesthetic, and multisensory instruction that makes learning fun, and features a colorful, image-based teacher presentation online tool that makes teaching simple and enjoyable. 

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Launchpad Teacher Guide Set 

Launchpad Lesson Plan Teacher Guide

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Launching & Shipping August 2020

Launchpad Teacher Guide Set - SKU: LPTG 

  • Scripted, ready-to-teach lesson plans in a three teacher guide set
  • Thorough explanation of concepts, routines, and procedures
  • Guidance for adjusting instruction to match students’ readiness
  • Suggestions for teaching many lessons “anyplace,” making lessons interactive, and incorporating movement
  • Embedded, incremental professional development—no phonological awareness or phonics background needed!

BONUS! Includes set of Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards

Launchpad Online 

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Launching & Shipping August 2020

Launchpad Online - SKU: LPOL

  • Vibrant, image-based teacher presentation tool, required for instruction
  • Delivers clear, concise, and effective instruction with colorful imagery, games, and animations
  • Works with interactive whiteboards, projectors, tablets, laptops, and computers


Supplemental Resources, a treasure trove of additional activities, supplements, and teacher professional development.

Launchpad Sound and Letter Cards

Launchpad for PK Sound and Practice Cards - Phoneme and Grapheme Cards

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Launching & Shipping August 2020

LP-DECK Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards

The Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards include

  • 52 colorful, glossy 4x6 cards for playful, interactive sound and letter instruction and practice
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters with guideword and character images
  • Can be used with the lessons or for additional standalone activities

Part 1


Part 2

Components, Curricular Design, Stages of Instruction

Part 3

Instructional Vocabulary


Part 4

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skill Building


Part 5

Alphabetic Principle and Letter Knowledge

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