Really Great Handwriting


Really Great Handwriting

Concepts of Handwriting


Really Great Handwriting's program is intended to explicitly and systematically teach pencil grip, spacing, and letter formation. After using the handwriting program, students should be able to write quickly and effortlessly to free up their working memory for spelling and for written expression. 

Really Great Handwriting is a complimentary addition to Launchpad, Countdown, and Blast instruction. 

Handwriting Concepts

What is Handwriting Important? Research shows when students can spell and read the words, they are more likely to master and better apply the new skill. When students are taught how to properly form the letters and master phonics skills, students can free up their working memory to focus on the content of their writing. 

What Grades Does This Program Serve? Grades K-5 Launchpad (instruction), Countdown (instruction) and Blast.  

How is this complimentary to my current instruction? For example, in Countdown, it will be inserted within Name that Sound. Students will be able to see the letter, name the letter, hear and say the letter sound, and write the letter with proper formation. Students will write the letter after they have learned to identify the name and sound of the letter. This will allow students to simultaneously spell and properly form the letter. 

What will be provided in this add-on?

  • Animations with Letter Scripts
  • Dot to Dots
  • Coloring Direction Sheets
  • Handwriting Paper
  • Concepts of Handwriting Guide
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Second Scope and Sequence
  • Library of A-Z Animations
  • Multi-Sensory Tips and Tricks
  • Lessons Embedded Into Online Tools



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