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NEW Student eLearning Platform

Really Great Reading is proud to announce the introduction of our eLearning Platform, a new online student practice portal that can be a digital alternative to our student kits. Really Great Reading’s Student eLearning Platform:

  • Works on almost any electronic device, like Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets
  • Invisibly measures student performance and reports the data in an easy to use format
  • Offers extension lessons (called “Plus Lessons”) for independent student practice
  • Enhances existing implementation
  • Is less expensive than our physical student kits and can reduce the cost of your initial implementation
  • Is currently available for Blast Foundations (HD Word, Boost and Blitz eLearning will beavailable fall of 2019)

The eLearning Platform measures student performance while the students:

  • Use the eLearning Platform as a digital alternative to our student kits
  • Work in a protected, secure virtual environment
  • Solidify their knowledge during weekly Phonics Concept activities:
    • by building words with color tiles and letter tiles
    • and dividing multisyllabic words into decodable chunks

Watch a short video - eLearning Platform Overview>>

Take a Test Drive of the eLearning Platform

eLearning Platform


eLearning Platform Availability and Pricing

Blast eLearning Platform is launched and ready!

(HD Word, Boost and Blitz will be available Fall of 2019)

To order the Blast eLearning Platform for your students:

  • Call 866-401-7323 and press 724. Our customer service team will help you place your order.  
  • Or send in a purchase order using the following Product Codes/SKUs:
  • BlastELP - 12 month licenses - $19.00 per year/per student seat (Minimum 10 student seats per school)
  • BlastELP6M - 6 month licenses - $12.00 per year/per student seat (Minimum 10 student seats per school)
  • The Blast eLearning Platform is one of your options when purchasing a classroom set-up. Click here to learn more>>

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us at 866-401-7323 x 724 or email us at


The eLearning Platform Measures Student Progress

While students are practicing their phonics skills, the e-Learning Platform quietly measures student performance and reports the data in an easy to read format.  This information helps teachers understand how well a student is acquiring their newfound knowledge and offers insight into who could use more practice and instruction.

Watch a short video - Class and Student Progress Overview>>


eLearning Platform Student Dashboard

The easy-to-use student dashboard allows a student to quickly find the unit they will be working on and begin practicing with their teacher. As the teacher goes through the phonics lessons, students use this virtual environment to analyze words just like they would with our physical manipulatives kits. When students need more practice, the e-Learning Platform automatically assigns extension lessons (called “Plus Units”) for independent student practice. 

Watch a short video - Student Workspace Overview>>

eLearning Platform Teacher Dashboard

The easy to read teacher dashboard allows you to understand which students are mastering the skills and which ones are not. It even pinpoints where individual students are getting confused, allowing for specific, targeted, data-driven instruction

.Watch a short video- Overview of Teacher Environment>> 


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