Phonics Suite Overview

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Phonics Suite Overview
Are your elementary and secondary students struggling to read fluently? Are your older students unable to pass standardized tests? When they encounter words they don't know, do they just guess or skip them? Do they read slowly or inaccurately? These are obvious symptoms of decoding deficits.

The evidence is clear; an overwhelming number of peer reviewed documents have linked strong decoding to fluent and accurate reading. Too many students are failing to acquire the skills they need to become efficient and effective readers.

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Are you considering using the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys in your school? You might ask, where will they fit, how will they help, and how pervasive are decoding deficit among struggling readers?

Unfortunately, 67% of fourth and eighth graders nationwide are reading below grade level, and 33% of fourth-graders are reading so poorly that they’re unable to make meaning from a grade level passage. The problem is even more pervasive among low-income students, where 50% of fourth-grade students fall into the lowest level of reading achievement. 

Learn how the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys can be effectively used in your school. 

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