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Phonics Suite Steps to Implementation

Really Great Reading's Phonics Suite materials are ideal for a Response to Intervention (RtI) model. Our instruction is data driven and provides ongoing progress monitoring and reporting.

The steps to implementing Phonics Suite are as follows:


Use DIBELS, DRA, AIMSWeb, or other universal screening to assess each student and determine who is reading disfluently or inaccurately.


Our Diagnostic Decoding Surveys, two complimentary assessments that quickly pinpoint decoding weaknesses in 1st–12th grade students, provide useful data about students' word-level reading abilities. Our widely used complimentary set of decoding surveys can be used to assess an unlimited number of students. Schools nationwide use our decoding surveys as a great companion piece to DIBELS, DRA, AIMSWeb, or other universal screening measures. Learn more about our free assessments>>


After using the surveys to identify a student’s instructional needs, use the free online Grouping Matrix to determine appropriate instructional groups. The Grouping Matrix, a web-based, password-protected computer program, uses scores from the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys and an oral reading fluency assessment to place students in appropriate groups for instruction. The Grouping Matrix has direct online data entry, with immediately available reports that group students in the middle of 1st grade through 12th grade according to the type and depth of their decoding abilities and weaknesses, recommend instruction, and provide progress monitoring reports. Learn more about our Grouping Matrix>>


All Phonics Suite instruction is given in small groups at a pace appropriate to each student’s specific needs. Placing students in appropriately leveled groups maximizes the effectiveness of instruction and allows for greater gains in a student’s reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Phonics Suite includes three very popular and effective lesson sets: Phonics Blast, Boost and Blitz. The lessons explicitly teach phonemic awareness, phonics concepts, and word attack skills, and they help students pay attention to reading accurately, which commonly translates into better fluency and comprehension. The lessons are research-based, multi-sensory, highly effective, quick, and efficient.

Phonics Boost and Blitz are designed to work extremely well with struggling adolescent readers, but Boost can also be used effectively with grades 2-3. Students are grouped in either Blitz or Boost based on their decoding weaknesses. Lessons are most effective in small groups with 6-12 students, depending on the level of a student’s reading weakness. For students that need additional practice and repetition in Boost and Blitz we also offer a plug-in called Phonics Boost Plus. Phonics Boost Plus has 40 modules. Each module is aligned with one or more specific lessons from Phonics Boost where students can reinforce the skills needed to become accurate readers. Learn more about our Phonics Suite lessons>>

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