Phonics Suite

Phonic's Suite - Really Great Reading's Toolbox

How can you give your students the skills they need to become strong decoders, accurate and fluent readers? Really Great Reading has a solution. It’s called Phonics Suite, a comprehensive set of tools to diagnosegroup and teach students with weakness in their foundational reading skills. There are even tools to monitor progress, report and adjust.

  • Diagnose - Our complimentary assessments (K-12) help educators identify decoding issues that contribute to comprehension weaknesses. 
  • Group - Our complimentary, secure, student data management interface groups K-12 students by type and depth of their decoding difficulties.
  • Teach - Our lessons, CountdownBlastHD WordBoost, and Blitz,  help prevent and remediate decoding weaknesses in students of all ages.
  • Professional Development - Our efficient and deep workshops provide educators with the tools to successfully diagnose, group, and teach emerging and struggling readers (K-12).

If you’re looking for a solution, try Phonics Suite. It works, it’s different, and people who try it tell us it’s better. Watch our Phonics Suite Overview Video to Learn More>>

Research Alignment & Successes - View white papers, dyslexia & ELL alignment, third party research and data which reflects educators successes

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