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Phonics Suite Overview
It's a fact, 67% of fourth graders read below grade level. Are your students ready for 5th grade and beyond? In secondary grades students are exposed to over 10,000 unfamiliar words in text. If students skip words, add and omit words, misread vowels, leave off word endings or just resort to guessing, they will read inaccurately and dysfluently. As a result their comprehension will suffer. 

How can you give your students the skills they need to become strong decoders? Really Great Reading has a solution. It’s called Phonics Suite, a comprehensive set of tools to diagnosegroup and teach students with weakness in their foundational reading skills. There are even tools to monitor progress, report and adjust.

If you’re looking for a solution, try Phonics Suite. It works. It’s different. And people who try it tell us it’s better. Watch our Phonics Suite Overview Video to Learn More>>


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Diagnostics - Our complimentary assessments are a simple, common-sense, efficient way to determine if decoding weaknesses are affecting a student’s ability to understand what they are reading. We’ve designed them to be most efficient for use with students in grades K-12 and they are free to all educators.


Grouping Matrix

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Grouping - Sign up for another of our complimentary tools, the free online Grouping Matrix. The Grouping Matrix uses literacy data to group students according to the type and depth of their decoding strengths and weaknesses into appropriately sized, homogeneous learning groups. We make it simple to screen, diagnose and group your students.


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Instruction - In all our lessons, CountdownBlastHD WordBoost, and Blitzstudents learn to practice what good readers do naturally, which is pay attention to every word, read with a high rate of accuracy, and use strategies for attacking unfamiliar and multisyllable words. We explicitly teach phonemic awareness, phonics concepts and word attack skills. 

Workshops and PD

Decoding and the Struggling Reader

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Professional Development - Teacher background knowledge is a key component to successful reading intervention. Really Great Reading offers a range of training options, many of them complimentary, that provide teachers with the background knowledge in phonics and phonemic awareness that they’ll need to successfully diagnosegroupand teach struggling readers.


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