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Phonics Suite Summer School

Our Phonics Suite lessons can adapt perfectly to summer school and extended year learning. Are your students struggling to read accurately, fluently and to pass the now more rigorous state standardized tests? Do they guess, skip or omit words as they read? Do they read slowly and inaccurately? Do they struggle to read complex multi-syllable words? These are obvious signs of decoding weaknesses.

In summer school students quickly learn to practice what good readers do naturally, which is pay attention to every word, read with a high rate of accuracy, and use strategies for attacking unfamiliar words. The lessons explicitly teach phonemic awareness, phonics concepts and complex multi-syllable word attack skills. They focus on reading accurately, which translates into better comprehension. The lessons are research based, multisensory, highly effective, and can be taught by a wide range of people, not just experienced literacy professionals.

Phonics Suite includes the following very popular and effective lesson sets: 

Blast Foundations

Blast Foundations is COMING IN AUGUST 2014. It is designed for struggling readers in grades K-2 and is a phonics and phonemic awareness supplemental program with hands-on multisensory and manipulative based instruction. In just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week for only 18 weeks build the important and lifelong foundations needed for all future academic success.

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Phonics Boost

Boost Teacher Lesson Plans

Phonics Boost is 80 moderately paced lessons for students in grades 2 and 3 with mild, moderate, or significant decoding skills weaknesses, and for students in grades 4 -12 (and adults) with significant decoding skills weaknesses. The vocabulary spans from easy to challenging words, making these lessons appropriate for students in grades 2 and higher.  The recommended group size is 6-12 in grades 2-3 , and 4-6 in 4th grade and higher.

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Phonics Blitz

Phonics Blitz is 50 fast-paced lessons for students in grades 4 - 12 (and adults) with mild or moderate decoding skills weaknesses determined by the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys. The vocabulary is academic and too difficult for most students below grade 4. The recommended group size is 8–12 students. All 50 lessons can be completed in approximately ten weeks if lessons are an hour long and taught 5 days a week.

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Boost Plus Teachers Guides

Phonics Boost Plus

Phonics Boost Plus  is a supplement used to augment Phonics Boost and Blitz.  Phonics Boost Plus has 40 modules. Each module is aligned with one or more specific lessons from Phonics Boost and Blitz and provides hundreds of multisensory activities and materials for strategic supplementation. It is designed for students that are growing with the lessons, but need more practice and repetition to master and build automaticity with the concepts.

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Diagnostics and the Grouping Matrix Online

First assess your students with our Diagnostic Decoding Surveys then submit their scores to our complimentary online Grouping Matrix. These are good first steps toward implementing our Phonics Suite lessons. When you enter the data for a student, the Grouping Matrix immediately assigns that student to a group.

Phonics Suite Virtual and Hands-on Manipulatives

For teachers and students we offer some of the best online and hands-on manipulatives in reading education.

For Students we offer our very popular Student Phonics Kit as well as a whole host of student manipulatives.

For teachers we offer both hands-on and virtual manipulatives. If you have an interactive whiteboard,  try our virtual manipulatives for two weeks for free. Select Phonics Blitz Online or Letter Tiles Online. If you prefer hands-on manipulatives, we have the Phonics Teacher's Kit that allow you demonstrate the concepts as you move through the lessons.

Progress Monitoring

After a student has been placed in Phonics Blitz and Phonics Boost™ we offer tools for on going progress monitoring. We believe in differentiated data driven instruction and reporting.

Use our efficient Diagnostic Decoding Survey Premium Package it is designed to monitor and record your students. Additionally, this ongoing progress monitoring affords educators detailed data whihc can be used in IEP and 504 meetings.


Use Phonics Boost Skills Assessments (PBSAs)  to measure a student’s progress while in Phonics Suite™ instruction. They target the exact skills student should have mastered after completing a certain set of Phonics Suite lessons. The PBSAs, combined with ongoing classroom observations of students’ growth, are a powerful tool for evaluating success and planning future instruction.

The PBSAs book consists of 40 separate assessments that systematically measure mastery of the phonemic awareness and phonics concepts taught in Phonics Boost™.  

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