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Decoding is the most fundamental skill for students to master when learning to read

Decodable books are an important tool for students learning to read. They provide support for phonics instruction, build confidence, reinforce reading skills, and support reading comprehension. Our decodable texts are the best decodable book sets available.

They use a limited set of phonetic sounds and sight words that correspond to the phonics skills being taught. Our printable eBooks and physical reader sets match the learner's skill level. They create a supportive environment for practicing word decoding and building fluency.



New! Decodable Physical Books

Really Great Reading is introducing grade-appropriate illustrated science of reading decodable books that align with Countdown, Blast, and HD Word. These books help students in kindergarten through third grade, as well as older students who need extra help. Our books help build phonics knowledge for early readers and older readers as well. They will fit into any ELA block and lesson plan. Check out samples of these books below!


Countdown Decodable Books

A Pet Dog

A pet dog decodable book sample

Sample Decodable Book

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Blast Decodable Books

Beth's Ball

Beth decodable book sample

Sample Decodable Book 

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Decodable eBooks

Available in the Reading Playground!

Really Great Reading's Decodable eBooks for Countdown, Blast, and HD Word are beautifully illustrated decodables that help students practice the phonics concepts they are learning in their lessons.

Printable versions of the new decodable eBooks are available exclusively for Reading Playground users. These printable decodable books can be downloaded from News and Resources and printed for students to use in class or at home.

Try a Free Sample Printable Decodable eBook pdf



Countdown eBook

A Pet Dog

Sample Decodable eBook 



Blast eBook

Beth's Ball

Sample Decodable eBook 


HD Word eBook

Superhero Ruth

Sample Decodable eBook 



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