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Are your elementary and secondary students struggling to read accurately and fluently? Are your older students unable to pass standardized tests? When they encounter words they don't know, do they guess, skip or omit them? Do they read slowly and inaccurately? These are symptoms of decoding deficits.

Too many students are failing to acquire the skills they need to become efficient and effective readers. Really Great Reading prepare students to face the challenges of complex, content area reading and standardized tests. We offer solutions to help elementary and secondary struggling readers practice what good readers do naturally, which is pay attention to every word, read with a high rate of accuracy, and use strategies for attacking unfamiliar and multi-syllable words.

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Really Great Reading’s Phonics Suite provides a comprehensive set of tools to diagnose, group and teach students with weaknesses in their foundational reading skills. Our complimentary assessments (the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys) help educators identify students with decoding issues contributing to comprehension weaknesses.  Our online data management system (Grouping Matrix) uses data to group students according to their decoding strengths and weaknesses.  Our lessons (Blast, HD WordBoost, and Blitz) help prevent and remediate decoding weaknesses in students of all ages. LEARN MORE


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In 5-7 minutes our complimentary Diagnostic Decoding Surveys efficiently detect when students are having word-level reading difficulties, and pinpoint their specific decoding weaknesses.

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Sign up for our Grouping Matrix, a complimentary web-based data management system that enables you to group students according to the type and depth of their decoding difficulties.

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We have a better way of teaching the foundational skills that lead to strong decoding and fluent reading. Our interventions and preventions are efficient, effective, and research based.

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