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                          phonemic or phonetic spelling wall card

Really Great Sound-Spelling Wall 

A Complimentary Digital & Printable Classroom Resource 

What is a Sound-Spelling Wall? A digital and printable sound-spelling wall that can be used to help students connect sounds they hear, speak, and write to the spellings that represent them in words. This exciting resource is designed for full classroom use and can replace or enhance your current sound wall. What is the difference between a Sound Wall and a Word Wall? 

Digital Spelling-Sound Wall Preview 

The RGR Sound-Spelling Wall features:
  • Guideword icons
  • Mouth position images
  • Articulation videos
  • Basic and advanced spellings for each phoneme
  • Wide variety of sound sorts (consonant and vowel)
  • Phoneme manipulation exercises 
Type of instruction? Whole class or in small groups 
Grades Served? Pre-k - Grade 3

Sound spelling, also known as phonemic or phonetic spelling, is important to learn as students understand the relationships between sounds and letters, which makes it easier to decode words and build their vocabulary.


Printable Spelling-Sound Cards Preview 


What is provided with the Really Great Sound-Spelling Wall?
  • Printable Spelling Cards - Include guideword, mouth placement, spelling(s) of the sound (letters), most common spelling, and alternative spellings. 
  • Mouth Formation Images - Teachers can click on the guideword icons to display any or all of the corresponding mouth images and spellings.
  • Handwriting Lines - Provide guidance for correct formation and position of each letter.
  • Digital Sound Wall - Includes a free digital sound wall for educators. 
What the Digital Sound Wall includes:
  • Vowel Valley - Provides guidance on how to arrange the cards (with or without the spellings showing) in the vowel valley formation. 
  • Consonant Canyon - Provides guidance on how the consonant sounds can be arranged. 
  • Sorting Stream - A variety of on-screen sorts where icons are sorted according to a word's initial consonant or vowel, medial vowel, or final consonant phoneme.
  • Word Math Mountain - A variety of on-screen phoneme manipulation exercises with pictorial icon support. Tasks include phoneme addition, deletion, and substitution.

Sound spelling can be particularly useful for students learning English as a second language. Check out Really Great Reading's Spanish Offerings.    

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