Coach's Webinar

Coach's Corner is a new on-demand webinar series tailored for administrators and coaches.

A new two-part on-demand webinar series tailored for administrators and coaches.

New Coach's Corner Webinar for Administrators

Really Great Reading is introducing "Coach's Corner", a new two-part on-demand webinar series tailored for administrators and coaches. This initiative is centered on building the capacity of coaches, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively observe and evaluate key components of foundational skills lessons.  
Through this targeted training, coaches will be better prepared to guide teachers in enhancing their instructional techniques, ultimately supporting improved student outcomes. 
For 18 years, Really Great Reading has been a leader in providing Science of Reading professional development. We have seen educators nationwide embrace the Science of Reading, and have witnessed remarkable transformations. 
Part 1: Learn how to empower administrators and literacy coaches by:
  • Understanding the research and guiding principles behind phonemic awareness instruction 
  • Showcasing effective activities to facilitate educators' ability to enhance literacy development
  • Part 1 is not a prerequisite to Part 2

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Part 2: Equip administrators and literacy coaches with:
  • The knowledge to identify red flags in phonemic awareness instruction 
  • How to understand its implications for student learning
  • How to implement effective remediation strategies to optimize literacy instruction outcomes

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We will guide you through a simplified roadmap, highlighting the most exciting developments and equipping you with tools to identify red flags and avoid roadblocks. 

Join this webinar and kickstart your journey toward unleashing the full potential of the Science of Reading in your school. Register now and be a part of the educational revolution!


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