Diagnostic Decoding Surveys - Beginning and Advanced

Complimentary Beginning and Advanced Diagnostic Decoding Surveys

Our complimentary Diagnostic Decoding Surveys are an easy and efficient way to detect when students are having word-level reading difficulties, and pinpoint their specific decoding weaknesses.

Our two most popular surveys are the Beginning and Advanced Decoding Surveys:

The Beginning Decoding Survey assesses how well students are reading words they should have mastered by the end of first grade:

  • High frequency words
  • Single syllable words with short vowels, digraphs, and two-sound blends

The Advanced Decoding Survey assesses the decoding skills students should have mastered by the end of third grade:

  • Single syllable words with short vowels and more advanced phonics patterns (e.g. trigraphs, three-sound blends)
  • Single syllable words with advanced vowel patterns
  • Multisyllable words (real and nonsense)

The complimentary packet contains everything you’ll need for initial assessment of an unlimited number of students. The packet also provides an explanation of how the survey results can be used to group students, and it offers guidance on how to plan effective and efficient instruction.

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