HD Word & Really Great Vocabulary Interventions




Intervention for Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School 

HD Word™ and Really Great Vocabulary- A Reading Intervention 

When used together, HD Word and InferCabulary provide a game-changing solution for adolescent struggling readers that addresses both poor decoding and underdeveloped vocabulary. HD Word efficiently fixes decoding problems, and InferCabulary quickly builds vocabulary and oral language. The combination of HD Word and InferCabulary is the game-changing literacy solution that so many older students need.

Upper Elementary, Middle & High School - Intervention

Do you have developing and adolescent struggling readers who can't pass their state reading test? Are they struggling to comprehend what they're reading?  Many struggling readers need remediation on two fronts: decoding and vocabulary. Really Great Reading has a solution. Really Great Reading's HD Word & InferCabulary Bundles. It provides research-aligned solutions for both decoding and vocabulary, and it is easy to implement.

HD WORD & InferCabulary Classroom Bundles:

Each HD WORD & InferCabulary Classroom Bundle includes:

Really Great Vocabulary - Powered by InferCabulary:

  • 20 InferCabulary student seats - school year licenses

Really Great Reading's HD Word Classroom Set-up Reading Program:

  • 1 set of HD Word Teacher Lesson Plan Books
  • 1 School year subscription to HD Word Teacher Presentation Online Tool
  • 10 HD Word Student Kits (1 kit per every 2 students)
  • 20 Guided Practice HD Word Student Workbooks sets
  • 20 Reading Playground student seats - school year licenses
  • 1 Virtual Implementation Teacher Training Course seat



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