Really Great Reading Now Has Vocabulary!

Did you know, that reading comprehension is dependent on knowing the meaning of 98% of the words in the text?  Low vocabulary plays a huge role in poor reading comprehension in grades 2-12. Remediate vocabulary issues with our state-of-the-art visual vocabulary approach. 

Really Great Vocabulary

Powered by InferCabulary 

Really Great Vocabulary is a revolutionary approach to vocabulary and is vastly superior to traditional methods.

InferCabulary is a visual vocabulary tool that teaches Tier 2 vocabulary using a unique, highly efficient approach that mimics the act of wide reading as students encounter word meanings in a rich, oral language setting.
InferCabulary helps students in Grades 3 - 12 acquire the nuanced meanings of Tier 2 vocabulary broadly and deeply. In Infercabulary, teachers select from a vast library of words and assign vocabulary based on the learners' goals. They can select words from articles, curricula, popular literary titles, and current classroom activities. Learners are in the driver's seat as they interact with words, creating a solid foundation for overall comprehension, fluency, and even written language.

Vocabulary Playgrounds

In Countdown, Blast & HD Word

Vocabulary Playgrounds

The Vocabulary Playgrounds are included in the Countdown, Blast, and HD Word Reading Playgrounds!
Really Great Reading has long been known for helping schools bring the Science of Reading to life in the classroom. We are excited to announce that we now have Really Great Vocabulary! And just like all our other offerings, our vocabulary solutions are firmly rooted in the Science of Reading.

Our Vocabulary Playgrounds are the latest addition to our popular Reading Playgrounds. In the Vocabulary Playgrounds, teachers have access to premade assignments that showcase the meaning of many words that students encounter in Countdown, Blast, and HD Word. Students experience words in a way that helps them understand all aspects of the word: the phonology, the orthography, the morphology, and the meaning. This explicit exposure drives orthographic mapping and rich word-level literacy.  

Vocabulary Science of Reading 

Free Vocabulary Virtual Workshop 

Vocabulary Virtual Workshop
Free professional development. Learn how to teach vocabulary using a visual approach.
We NOW have Vocabulary! Learn a new way to teach vocabulary.

No Really Great Reading offering would we be complete without professional learning! We’re thrilled to announce our free Vocabulary Science of Reading sessions. Teachers will learn the science behind vocabulary acquisition, research-based vocabulary, best practice instructional strategies, and the importance of vocabulary for overall reading comprehension and fluency. 

Join us for a Vocabulary Virtual Workshop and learn all about bringing the Vocabulary Science of Reading to life in the classroom!

  • Learn the science behind how students engage with and learn vocabulary critical for all reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Receive a certificate of attendance after attending this 3-hour webinar.

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