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Really Great Reading Getting Started & Refresher Videos

Get started with your instruction! Learn how to log in, reset your password, access getting started videos, and how to diagnose, group, and progress monitor your students.

Implementation Trainings
Really Great Reading's COVID-19 Response & Resources

FREE Teacher Resources - Coronavirus Update - We are here to support you as you continue to figure out how to best navigate this difficult and continuously changing situation. If you begin virtual teaching and increase your reliance on parents as co-educators, or you would like to take this time to work on professional development, we are offering the following free resources:

  • Webinars - We are increasing our FREE webinar schedule with a robust line up of professional development
  • Letter Tile Free Play - FREE until April 14, a digital student letter tile kit for distance learning and practice
  • Home Connection - FREE, parent-friendly PDFs for student practice
  • Heart Word Magic -  FREE, a parent-friendly tool to help students read and spell tricky  words
  • Teacher Toolkit - View a comprehensive list with extended descriptions of our FREE resources and other links

The Team at Really Great Reading is here for you, and we wish you all health and strength as we continue to navigate this together.

Phonics Suite Overview & Program Materials

Phonics Suite Overview

Countdown Material Overview 

Blast Material Overview 

HD Word Material Overview 


How to Login & Reset Your Password

How to Login & Launch Your Online Tool

How to Request New Password







Accessing Getting Started Videos in Supplemental Resources

How to Access Countdown Videos 

List & Description of Countdown videos>>

How to Access Blast Videos 

List & Description of Blast videos>>

How to Access HD Word Videos 

List & Description of HD Word videos>>








Diagnose & Group Students

Why use Diagnostic Decoding Surveys?

In just 5-7 minutes, answer these key questions: Which students are struggling with decoding? What types of words are they struggling with? What is the source of the underlying confusion? 

Kindergarten Foundational Skills Surveys & the Grouping Matrix - a detailed look at how to assess Kindergarteners, group them based on their pre-decoding/decoding skills, and measure their progress. 

1st Grade Foundational Skills Surveys & the Grouping Matrix a detailed look at how to assess 1st Grade students, group them based on their decoding skills, and measure their progress during this critical year.

2nd-12th Diagnostic Decoding Surveys & the Grouping Matrix -a detailed look at how to assess 2-12th grade students, group them based on their decoding skills, and measure their progress as they progress through the grade(s).

Really Great Reading's Approach

We have a comprehensive set of tools called Phonics Suite to diagnosegroup, and teach students with weaknesses in their foundational reading skills.

  • Diagnose>> - Our complimentary assessments (K-12) help educators identify decoding issues that contribute to comprehension weaknesses
  • Group>> - Our complimentary, protected, online student data interface lets you group K-12 students by the type and depth of their decoding difficulties
  • Teach>> - Our lessons, CountdownBlastHD WordBoost, and Blitz help prevent and remediate decoding weaknesses in students of all ages
  • Professional Development>> - We deliver the knowledge needed to successfully diagnose, group, and teach emerging and struggling readers (K-12)
  • Research Alignment & Successes>> - View white papers, dyslexia & ELL alignment, third party research and data which reflects educators successes
  • Heart Word Magic & Blog>> - Discover how we bridge the gap between reading research and teacher practice. Read our Blog>> and visit our Heart Word Magic Library>>

Learn more about Phonics Suite>>               Visit our Ordering Information page>>   

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