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Phonics Suite Overview & Program Materials

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Diagnose & Group Students

Why use the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys?

In just 5-7 minutes, answer these key questions: Which students are struggling with decoding? What types of words are they struggling with? What is the source of the underlying confusion? 

Kindergarten Foundational Skills Surveys & the Grouping Matrix - a detailed look at how to assess Kindergarteners, group them based on their pre-decoding/decoding skills and measure their progress. 

1st Grade Foundational Skills Surveys & the Grouping Matrix a detailed look at how to assess 1st Grade students, group them based on their decoding skills and measure their progress during this critical year.

2nd-12th Diagnostic Decoding Surveys & the Grouping Matrix -a detailed look at how to assess 2-12th grade students, group them based on their decoding skills and measure their progress as they progress thru the grade(s).

Really Great Reading's Approach

We have a comprehensive set of tools called Phonics Suite to diagnosegroup and teach students with weaknesses in their foundational reading skills.

  • Diagnose>> - Our complimentary assessments (K-12) help educators identify decoding issues that contribute to comprehension weaknesses
  • Group>> - Our complimentary, protected, online student data interface lets you group K-12 students by the type and depth of their decoding difficulties
  • Teach>> - Our lessons, CountdownBlastHD WordBoost, and Blitz help prevent and remediate decoding weaknesses in students of all ages
  • Professional Development>> - We deliver the knowledge needed to successfully diagnose, group, and teach emerging and struggling readers (K-12)
  • Research Alignment & Successes>> - View white papers, dyslexia & ELL alignment, third party research and data which reflects educators successes
  • Heart Word Magic & Blog>> - Discover how we bridges the gap between reading research and teacher practice. Read our Blog>> and visit our Heart Word Magic Library>>

Learn more about Phonics Suite>>               Visit our Ordering Information page>>   

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