Teacher AppsPad & Dashboard



Teacher AppsPad & Dashboard Getting Started Videos

Watch this video to the left on How to login to your AppsPad (our new licensing interface). 
We are launching a NEW AppsPad Licensing Interface this year. This new interface will allow teachers to launch their subscriptions and manage their classes in one place. Below are the Teacher Dashboard getting started videos.
Additionally, once you are logged into your dashboards there is a library of videos that will help you get started. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us>>

Teacher AppsPad & Dashboard Overview

How to Explore Your AppsPad

How to Set Up Manual Roster

Accessing Getting Started Videos in Supplemental Resources of Your Online Tools


How to Access Countdown Videos 

List & Description of Countdown videos>>


How to Access Blast Videos 

List & Description of Blast videos>>


How to Access HD Word Videos 

List & Description of HD Word videos>>


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