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Really Great Reading con Español | EL Spanish Resources 

Found in the Supply Room of Countdown, Blast, and HD Word Online

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Really Great Reading con Español recognizes the skill sets and value of the existing Spanish language and provides specific Spanish support within our English instruction. Each Spanish support further enables the cultivation of the existing language while ensuring English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 
The Really Great Reading con Español features:
  • Evidence-Based Curriculum | Rooted in neurolinguistics and evidence-based best practices in language teaching. 
  • Instructional Crosslinguistic Support | Resources that highlight shared language traits in order for students to use what they know as they make sense of what they are still learning.
  • Teacher Support | Teacher training and materials for teaching Spanish-speaking students in the English literacy classroom.
  • Translated & Multisensory Embedded Support | Auditory, visual, kinesthetic supports, alongside the use of targeted translation when teaching English literacy skills.
  • Parent Home Resources | Spanish instructional videos of foundational English reading skills for parents to support ELs at home along with Spanish informational tips and parent letters to be sent home.

Really Great Reading con Español provides effective intervention solutions that empower all teachers, Spanish and English-speaking, in their English literacy instruction.


Our Spanish Supports Scope and Sequence highlights differences and similarities, of phonics skills within the English and the Spanish language. It also lists Spanish resources available and provides for language recommendations as each grade level phonics skill, is being taught.

Spanish Supports Scope and Sequence:

Really Great Reading con Español EL Spanish Resources

Really Great Reading con Español offers targeted Spanish instructional videos that explain specific skills being taught. This can be especially beneficial for a teacher who may not speak the Spanish language but who needs certain English skill concepts, further explained, in the Spanish language.

Our Spanish Instructional Videos Fall Under Four Main Categories: 

Instructional Animations | Targeted Spanish animations that explain English concept skills such as digraphs, blends, and syllable structures.

Routine Skill Animations | Spanish explanations of how to participate in daily phonics practice routine skills such as Finger Stretching, and Build a Word.

Phoneme Articulation Videos | Spanish Animations that teach and reinforce the articulation of letter sounds.

Guided Practice Animations | Spanish Animations that provide for a guided interactive practice of skills being learned, in real time.

How can I empower my Spanish-speaking students to excel in their English Language Literacy Journey?

3 Strategies to Teach EL Literacy Instruction


Small and Whole Group Instruction 
Specifically tailored to serve native Spanish-speaking students as they acquire English language reading skills found in Countdown, Blast, and HD Word instruction. 
What is Crosslinguistic Referencing?
Crosslinguistic Referencing is when a student can readily understand a concept in a new language because it already has been established in their own! When this happens the languages cross over and make connections! 
How do I access Really Great Reading con Español? 
It is located in your Countdown, Blast, and HD Word Supply Room
Resources available, are for:
Classroom Teachers  


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