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Communication is the key to a really great implementation. 

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To ensure you receive our onboarding emails and announcements, please whitelist reallygreatreading.comWhat is an email whitelist? This simply means you add to your trusted and approved senders/receiver list. This tells your email client that you know this sender and trust them, which keeps emails out of your spam/ junk folder, and allows us to support you efficiently. Please contact your school's IT department to get help with whitelisting. 

Team Contact List

We have teams within Really Great Reading that can help all along the way. These teams are well-oiled machines with only one goal, supporting educators and administrators so the kids get the best possible outcomes. Don't hesitate to contact us

Workshops & Professional Development Team – Schedule professional development or inquire about a workshop -  866-401-7323 x 3 – workshops@

Subscription Team – Online Tools, logins, and the Administrative Subscription Portal – 866-401-7323 x 6 - onlinetools@

Grouping Matrix Team – Grouping Matrix, student data, and progress monitoring – 866-401-7323 x 1 - groupingmatrix@

Implementation Team –Questions about instruction or if you need a quote - 866-401-7323 x 2 - info@

Accounting Team – Request an invoice or discuss billing -  866-401-7323 x 4 – info@ 

Existing Orders  - For tracking and shipment questions - 866-401-7323 x 0  –  info@

All Other Calls  - For all other questions - 866-401-7323 x 5  –  info@


We Love Educator Feedback & Questions

Contact us anytime. Our mission is to provide educators with the most efficient and effective tools for teaching phonemic awareness, phonics concepts, accurate reading and fluency, and word attack skills. Student outcomes are our number one goal. There is no one that knows their students better than teachers. Therefore your questions, thoughts, strategies, student successes and feedback are held in high esteem!

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Really Great Reading Company
PO Box 46
Cabin John, MD 20818

By Phone or Fax:

Toll-Free: Monday - Friday 1.866.401.READ (7323)

Fax: 240.465.0478

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