Complimentary Grouping Matrix™

The Grouping Matrix is a free, password protected, secure student data management system that groups students (1st-12th) according to the type and depth of their decoding strengths and weaknesses. The Grouping Matrix has direct on-line data entry, with immediately available reports that group students and provides instructional recommendations. It helps facilitate differentiated data driven instruction and reporting.


Getting Started

When students are struggling to comprehend what they’re reading, the root cause needs to be identified and fixed. Thus, successful reading intervention often starts with accurate diagnosis and grouping. If you suspect your students have foundational skill weaknesses, like poor decoding skills, the Grouping Matrix is practical place to start. It helps facilitate differentiated data driven instruction and reporting.

Step 1 -You will need a username and password for your school.

Each district and school within a given district has a unique username and password. Concurrently, using the school's unique username and password, the Grouping Matrix can be accessed by up to 10 users at an individual school.

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Step 2 -Once you have a username and password click the button below to log in.

Launch the Grouping Matrix

Step 3 -To get started, you will need the following information for each student:


  • Basic student information, such as First Name, Last Name, Grade, Teacher, etc. 
  • A one-minute, grade-level, oral reading passage (such as DIBELS, AIMS WEB, EasyCBM etc.)
  • RGR’s Foundational Skills Survey (for middle of year kindergarten students and all 1st grade students)


  • RGR’s Beginning Decoding Survey (for students in the beginning of 2nd grade and beyond)
  • RGR’s Advanced Decoding Survey (for students in the middle of 2nd grade and beyond)

Download Complimentary Decoding Assessments

Step 4 -Enter student information.  

Watch a Video on How to Get Started

Step 5 LIVE ASSESS -Score and upload your students’ data through Live Assess. 

As you listen to your students read off of the Decoding Survey’s Student Page, record student miscues on the Decoding Survey’s Recording Form and then enter the miscues directly into the Grouping Matrix using the Live Assess feature.  Live Assess will score students’ miscues and upload the data for you without you having to be an expert at scoring. It’s never been easier or faster to identify students’ decoding gaps and group students appropriately.  

Watch a Video on How to Use Live Assess

Step 6 -Make informed instructional decisions based on data from the Grouping Matrix.  

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Learn More About Appropriately Targeted Instruction

Year to YearTransition Tool

The Year to Year Transition Tool is part of a major service upgrade to the Grouping Matrix. The upgrade includes performance and usability improvements.  

The Grouping Matrix Year to Year Transition Tool’s newest features include the ability to:

  • advance students by one grade
  • change the teacher assigned to each student and add new teachers
  • hide previous years scores
  • delete students who are no longer at your school

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