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Learn how to teach vocabulary using a visual approach

We are thrilled to announce our newest edition to our Science of Reading Workshop series, the Vocabulary Science of Reading Virtual Workshop.

This workshop is designed to build the one thing researchers agree is vital for reading success - teacher knowledge. Teachers will learn the science behind vocabulary acquisition, research-based vocabulary approaches, best practice instructional strategies, and the importance of vocabulary to overall reading comprehension and fluency. 

Join us for this live virtual workshop and learn all about bringing the science of teaching vocabulary to life in your classroom! In this workshop, you will explore and learn:
  • The impact of vocabulary on reading, writing, and oral expression
  • What researchers know about the ideal conditions for learning new vocabulary
  • What we can do to bring the ideal learning conditions into the classroom and to teach the right words

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Join us for a Vocabulary Virtual Webinar and learn all about the bringing the Science of Teaching Vocabulary to life in your classroom!
  • Experience how students engage with and learn vocabulary critical for reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Receive a certificate of attendance after attending this 3-hour webinar. 



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