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The COVID crisis has caused unprecedented instructional loss for so many students. One place that has been greatly impacted is the instruction of foundational literacy skills (teaching children to read). To respond to this critical crisis and to help educators, Really Great Reading is offering a variety of virtual professional development options. If you have questions about any of our workshops or professional development opportunities, please contact us at

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NEW Oral Language Webinar 

The Bridge to learning:The Crucial Role of Oral Language  in Every Aspect of Learning

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Cost: FREE to educators!

Join us for an insightful exploration of the transformative impact of oral language skills on academic and social success.

Thursday, November 16, 11am-2pm EST
Friday, December 8, 11am-2pm EST
Led by renowned experts:
Professor Charles Hulme | Oxford University 
Dr. Danielle “Nell” Thompson
Transformative Reading Teacher Group

Sarah Hearne | OxEd
A select group from the Really Great Reading Team

This webinar promises a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Vocabulary Science of Reading

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Cost: FREE to educators!

No Really Great Reading offering would we be complete without professional learning! We’re thrilled to announce our free Vocabulary Science of Reading Virtual Workshop, the newest addition to our Science of Reading workshop series. It is designed to build the one thing researchers agree is vital for reading success - teacher knowledge.

Teachers will learn the science behind vocabulary acquisition, research-based vocabulary, best practice instructional strategies, and the importance of vocabulary for overall reading comprehension and fluency.


Science of Reading Workshops

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Cost: FREE to educators!

Learn to use the Science of Reading to teach the foundational literacy skills that lead to strong decoding and fluent reading. You’ll leave with an understanding of how individuals learn to read and strategies to align research with classroom practices.
This workshop includes:
  • Six contact hours of professional development
  • The ability to upgrade to a paid seat
Educators have TWO OPTIONS: 
  • Emerging Reader (PK-1st)
  • Developing Reader (1st-12th)

Administrator Webinar

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Cost: FREE to Administrators!

What Are The Top Ten Things Administrators Need to Know About the Science of Reading?

Join us and learn:
  • What are the key elements of the Science of Reading?
  • What are the misconceptions surrounding the Science of Reading?
  • Why does the Science of Reading work?
  • Why are so many schools choosing to use it in their classrooms?

Implementation eCourses

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Cost: $79 per educator 

Virtual Implementation Training Courses prepare teachers to teach. Educators learn on their own time and schedule and can access and reference the courses online for a full school year.
The courses include:
  • 6-8 contact hours of professional development (varies per course)
These self-paced, interactive courses are now available for:

On-Demand Webinars

We offer a whole host of free On-Demand Webinars including:
  • Erasing the Misery of Reading and Spelling Multisyllabic Words
  • Continuing Instruction in Distance Learning Environments
  • Assessing Students Remotely
  • Bringing the Science of Reading to Life in the K-1 Classroom
  • Using the Science of Reading to Solidify Decoding Skills in Grades 1-12 
Learn when it is convenient for you. Access our On-Demand Webinars any time, any place (with internet).

Science of Reading eCourses

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Cost: $249.00/seat or site licenses

Are your classrooms aligned with the Science of Reading? These courses explore the skills and knowledge it takes to teach students to become fluent, highly capable, decoders. They teach a practical, efficient, scientifically aligned, evidence-based, foundational skills approach.

The courses include:
  • Nine contact hours of professional development
  • Five weeks of instructional lessons
Select from two levels:
  • Emerging Readers (PK-1st)
  • Developing Readers (1st-12th)




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