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Top 10 Reasons Students, Teachers, and Administrators Love Really Great Reading

We Do Big Things and Districts Trust Us

Really Great Reading is a trusted partner that works with districts to raise reading scores and get every child reading. If you want to be a part of something big, change children’s lives, empower teachers and build teacher knowledge across the curriculum, and give the gift of literacy, we are the partner for you.


  Curriculum Developed By Educators For Educators 

Why do administrators and teachers trust us? We are you!  We are teachers, administrators, and passionate people who are dedicated to every child reading. We don’t rest. We constantly ask, “What can we do better? What problems are teachers and school administrators struggling to solve? ” No day goes by that we aren’t listening and hearing the concerns of educators. We are not a one-and-done publisher. We don’t print a book and sell it for the next 10 or 20 years. We constantly incorporate new research, technology, and efficacy to make our programs the best they can be. We bring research to practice. 

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  Tested, Trusted, and Research Aligned

For 18 years, long before the Science of Reading was a buzzword, we’ve been dedicated to developing offerings that bring research to the classroom.  We are ESSA Level II, III, and IV certified, and we align with Foundational Skills by Grade and the Science of Reading. The data doesn’t lie, we help districts and schools raise reading scores.  

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  Service and Support That Surpasses the Norm

Every team at Really Great Reading is dedicated to our mission: Ensuring the best student outcomes. We know if we support administrators and teachers, they have the time and knowledge to support their students. Not only will you have an implementation team member to help you as your district and schools get started, but our customer support is considered one of the best in literacy education. We are here to support you throughout your journey to becoming a Science of Reading district, school, or educator.

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 The Best Structured Literacy and Science of Reading Curriculum

Why choose Really Great Reading? Quite frankly, we are the best foundational literacy and reading curriculum. We know full ELA curriculums try to do their best to provide foundation reading solutions. But, we also know that the foundations of reading are not one size fits all. Our programs can be taught whole class to supplement the core ELA offering. They also quickly identify the kids who are struggling and allow teachers and administrators to remediate early before the children are retained or referred to special education.  We build confident readers who are engaged and ready to learn across the curriculum! Do you have students who are not reading at grade level?

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 Elevating Teaching with Exceptional Professional Development 

Affordable, exceptional, and efficient. We know, the more you know, the more the kids will learn. We believe in the power of exceptional, and affordable professional development. Whether it be our Virtual Implementation Training Courses, onsite trainings, our free Science of Reading Virtual Workshop, our free Visual Vocabulary Workshops, our free On-Demand Webinars including What Administrators Need to Know About the Science of Reading and our free Oral Language Webinars, we are dedicated to making an impact on the literacy crisis that is gripping the United States.

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  Dedicate to Providing Free Reading Resources 

We pride ourselves on our mission-driven offerings. We strive to offer complimentary educational resources. whether it be our complimentary free Summer School Training and Lessons, our on-demand webinars, Heart Word Magic, our free diagnostic and student grouping, Letter Tile Freeplay, our new Sound Wall, and so much more, our objective is to provide deep and effective tools for teacher, schools and districts.

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  Layers of Student Practice to Boost Student Outcomes

Practice is imperative and practice makes perfect! We provide a multitude of opportunities for student practice within our lessons. Our guided student practice includes teacher-led routines and classroom activities. It also includes the use of our student magnetic letter tile kits, which make the learning sticky. Additionally, research shows that the act of handwriting is an important part of imprinting what you learn. Our student workbooks and handwriting (K-1) use this complex neurological task to solidify learning. Each practice element is essential to providing the repetitions necessary to ensure that students acquire the foundational reading skills needed to be successful across the curriculum, K-12. For Primary and Elementary school students, we also have digital student practice portals, the Reading Playgrounds. They are independent student practice portals that reinforce what students learn in the classroom. They provide individualized reporting and progress monitoring. This allows teachers and school administrators the ability to group and differentiate instruction, monitor growth, and provide the best opportunity for student outcomes.

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  Easy to Implement 

You don’t have to be a literacy professional to teach our programs! We provide embedded professional development, eLearning, incredible support, scripted lessons, and online teacher presentation tools. We have had schools that have an all-hands-on-deck approach and have enlisted Phys Ed, Music, and Art Teachers to raise reading scores. It takes a village. We all know that it is the most important skill a student can possess. Systemic change is a team sport! Let us help your team and students succeed.

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 A Treasure Trove of Teacher Resources

Our curriculum team is prolific and loves to create. We offer a treasure trove of teacher resources in the Online Tool supply room and in the Reading Playgrounds. We have two places where we offer a myriad of new resources and activities. First, in the Support Room of our teacher presentation online tools, and in our Teacher Dashboards and student practice of our Reading Playgrounds. In both these locations, we have amazing resources like Decodable eBooks, Handwriting, Spanish Support and EL Resources, Unit Planners, Vocabulary Playground and so much more. Within these interfaces, we announce all that as added and how it can be used in the classroom.

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 Innovative Vocabulary Instruction

What’s holding your kids back? Do they have a strong vocabulary? Really Great Vocabulary is a revolutionary digital visual vocabulary interface. It teaches Tier 2 vocabulary using a unique, highly efficient approach that mimics the act of wide reading as students encounter word meanings in a rich, visual, oral language setting. It helps students in Grades 3 - 12 acquire the nuanced meanings of Tier 2 vocabulary broadly and deeply. In Really Great Vocabulary, teachers select from a vast library of words and assign vocabulary based on the learners' goals. They can select words from articles, curricula, popular literary titles, and current classroom activities. Learners are in the driver's seat as they interact with words, creating a solid foundation for overall comprehension, fluency, and even written language.

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Do you want to do big things in your school or district? Join the Really Great Reading in the reading revolution. Let’s all work together to make an impact in the literacy crisis that is Together, let's empower teachers, transform classrooms, and ensure every child embraces the gift of literacy.



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