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Really Great Reading's Approach PK-12 - About Us

We offer a set of tools called Phonics Suite to diagnosegroup and teach emerging and struggling readers. 

  • Diagnose - FREE assessments (K-12) to help identify decoding issues contributing to comprehension weaknesses
  • Group - FREE, secure student data management interface for grouping K-12 students for instruction
  • Teach - Our lessons, CountdownBlastHD Word, & Boost help prevent and remediate decoding weaknesses
  • Professional Development -100s of workshops nationwide. Learn to diagnose, group, & teach decoding
  • Research Alignment & Successes - View white papers, dyslexia & ELL alignment, third party research, and data
  • Blog - Discover how we bridge the gap between reading research and teacher practice

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Really Great Reading believes that every student has the right to appropriate, high-quality, foundational-skills reading instruction. Unfortunately, millions of students struggle to read because they have deficits in their basic reading skills. These gaps often lead to poor decoding skills. The research is clear; automaticity in decoding is a critical skill for fluent reading and proficient comprehension.

Really Great Reading is focused on preventing and remediating decoding weaknesses in students in all grades (and even adults). We provide educators the tools and knowledge to teach all students (not just those who learn easily) to read. We make assessments and grouping practical, efficient, and accurate. Our approach to reading instruction is research-based, interactive, explicit, structured, and multisensory. In our lessons, students not only learn to read but enjoy the intelligent learning process.



White Paper

More than 20 years of scientific, evidence-based reading research makes clear that all good readers must master certain basic skills. Really Great Reading provides educators with materials and professional development based on the most effective ways to teach reading.

Read our White Paper>> Tackling the Adolescent Literacy Problem: Decoding Strategies for Success.


Philosophy and Approach

Automaticity in decoding is also a critical skill for proficient reading of texts with strong comprehension.  Students who have gaps in their phonics knowledge are less likely to read with automaticity. They spend so much mental energy on decoding that their comprehension of text suffers. When students decode automatically, their mental desk space is freed up to focus on the vocabulary and overall meaning of the text.   learn more>>


Really Great Reading Difference

The Really Great Reading Difference

RGR’s program is ideal for upper elementary, middle and high school students, as well as adults.  It offers free and accurate diagnosis of decoding skills and weaknesses. In addition, using our free, online Grouping Matrix ensures that students receive appropriate instruction. Unlike other programs, we have students focus on accuracy rather than speed. That’s because accuracy, not speed, is the key to fluency and comprehension—the ultimate goal of reading. Learn more about how we are different>>



Really Great Reading Testimonials


See what educators across the country have to say about the Really Great Reading difference and our Phonics Suite assessments, grouping, instruction, and teaching tools.. Click here to read what educators are saying>>


Really Great Reading Data


Data indicates that Phonics Blitz and Phonics Boost effectively improve the basic reading skills of struggling readers in grades two and up. Those improved skills lead to better word-level reading, improved reading accuracy, and improved reading rate. Our results tell the story. See how people of all ages have become proficient readers with Really Great Reading. Click here to review the data>>

View a sampling of Diagnostic Decoding Case Studies>>

Complimentary Diagnostic Assessments

Students struggle with reading for many reasons; that's why successful reading intervention starts with good diagnosis. Below are the free diagnostic assessments that Really Great Reading makes available to all educators. To download our complimentary Pre-Decoding, Beginning and Advanced Diagnostic Decoding Surveys, and our Advanced Plus Decoding Survey click here>>

Complimentary Grouping Matrix

The Grouping Matrix is a free, web-based system that enables you to group students (from the middle of first grade through twelfth grade) according to the type and depth of their decoding difficulties. Learn more and sign up for free access to the Grouping Matrix.


Really Great Reading Teacher Guides Blast Foundations

Instruction and Sample Lesson Plans

We have a better way of teaching the foundational skills that lead to strong decoding and fluent reading. It's mature and designed for grades 3-12. Learn more and download our sample lesson plans and modules for Phonics Blitz, Boost, Boost Plus, and Blast.  Click here>>

Ordering Information

Check out our ordering information page. It has all the information you need to place an order online, by mail, fax or phone. Link to our ecatalog, place your order online and learn about shipping and returns. If you just like to do it the old-fashioned way, call us on the phone and speak to an implementation specialist who can guide you.  Click here to learn more>>

Workshops and Professional Development

Workshops, Webinars, and Virtual Trainings

Teacher background knowledge is a key component to successful reading intervention. Really Great Reading offers different training options to provide teachers and literacy professionals with the background knowledge in phonics and phonemic awareness that they’ll need to successfully diagnose, group, and teach  struggling readers. Even if you don’t use Phonics Blitz or Phonics Boost, our professional development will offer you valuable techniques for helping struggling readers. Our options include workshops, webinars, and training modules. Click here to learn more>>


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