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Boost Plus Teacher's Guides

Boost Plus

This set includes 2 teacher’s guides (20 modules in each), 2 student workbooks, and one passages book with easier passages than contained in Phonics Boost. All the activities built in these teacher's guides are black line masters, making it easy and affordable to extend the learning for those students who need it.  Each module is aligned with one or more specific lessons from Phonics Boost (or Blitz) and provides additional practice for students that are struggling. The modules will help teachers determine whether students have mastered the skills and concepts from particular lessons and target exact areas where students need additional practice.

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Boost Plus Workbooks

This set includes 2 student workbooks (20 modules in each).  Each module in these consumable workbooks contains 10-12 structured and pre-build activities that systematically review key phonics concepts. Just like many of our materials, these workbooks are designed in an age-appropriate manner for students in grades 4–12.  The activities are challenging, rigorous and focused on academic text – not babyish or cartoony in any way. These activities help drive efficient instruction because they pinpoint specific areas of weakness.

One set is suggested for each student.

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Boost Plus Passages

Phonics Boost Plus Passages

For many students, the passages that come with Phonic Boost are just a little too difficult. Really Great Reading offer an alternative set of passages for these students. This book includes 40 passages with an easier reading level than Phonics Boost, yet integrates perfectly with Phonics Boost instruction and can be used to replace the existing Boost passages.

The Phonics Boost Plus Passage Book provides passages for oral reading practice to improve accuracy and fluency. Students read expository passages with topics from content areas that appeal to a wide range of interests. These passages can be used during the Oral Reading Procedure in the Phonics Boost lessons, or they can be used for additional accurate and fluent reading practice in the Phonics Boost Plus program. Learn more>>

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Boost Skills Assessments

Phonics Boost Skills Assessment

Phonics Boost Skills Assessments (PBSA) are used to measure progress of students receiving Phonics Boost or Phonics Blitz instruction. They provide a highly structured way to assess the specific skills students should have mastered after completing certain lessons. The PBSAs, combined with the teachers’ ongoing classroom observations of students’ growth, are a powerful tool for evaluating success and planning future instruction.

The Phonics Boost Skills Assessments book is all you need to administer the PBSAs to an unlimited number of students. This book contains an overview, administration guidelines, scripts and prompts, student pages containing words to read, an interpretation guide to help with analysis of the results, and instructional recommendations based on student performance on the assessments.

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Phonics Boost Plus  is a supplement used to augment Phonics Boost and Blitz.  Phonics Boost Plus has 40 modules. Each module is aligned with one or more specific lessons from Phonics Boost and Blitz and provides hundreds of multisensory activities and materials for strategic supplementation. It is designed for students that are growing with the lessons, but need more practice and repetition to master and build automaticity with the concepts.

  • Includes 40 modules that align with Phonics Boost and Phonics Blitz
  • Provides more practice and repetition
  • Improves automaticity and mastery
  • Extends the lessons to other literacy skills (vocabulary)

Phonics Boost Plus systematically reviews and reinforces concepts taught in Boost and Blitz through a series of multisensory activities. A detailed index lets the teacher easily choose the activity that will target the exact skill (phonological, vocabulary, phonetic) and fit into the appropriate setting (independent, peer-to-peer, and whole group skill-building).

The engaging activities allow teachers to provide practice in an age-appropriate manner. Phonics Boost Plus facilitates automatic word recognition and improved literacy skills for students in grades 4–12.

Professional Development

Teacher background knowledge is a key component to successful reading intervention. Really Great Reading offer different training options to provide teachers and interventionists with the background knowledge they’ll need to successfully diagnose, group, and teach  struggling decoders. Even if you don’t use Phonics Blitz or Phonics Boost, our professional development will offer you valuable techniques for helping struggling readers.

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