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Educators share their experiences using Really Great Reading's programs. We work with the explicit goal of supporting educators. Nothing makes us happier than knowing our training and instructional material result in the best student outcomes.

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It might seem simplistic, but this change has made a huge difference with our student data.  

—Wayne-Westland Community Schools, John D., Superintendent



Really Great Reading does a really good job with explicit and systematic instruction. It allows the child to build upon their foundational skills in order to be a successful reader. 

— Carroll Community School District, Amber G., Second Grade Teacher



We decided that Really Great Reading was a program that fit really well with everything that we had been learning about the Science of Reading. So, we decided to move forward with that for the school year and the results have really been pretty astounding. It's not every day that you see something that makes an immediate impact and really moves the dial for students. And, we've seen that.

— Springville Griffith Institute, James B., Superintendent



I observe teachers, but I also get observed by our Superintendent. I took him [Superintendent] into three really great reading classes. And, we could see the progression. We started in kindergarten, went to 1st grade classroom, then went to a second grade classroom. It was really, really neat because you could see the progression right from what they're learning at the beginning, to what they're learning in the middle, and then what they're learning as they move on to 3rd grade.

— Springville Griffith Institute, Chris S., Principal



I think really our students, they're excited. I know your question was about the teachers, but like our students, love when it's time to do Really Great Reading. They're so excited and I have teachers reaching out. My primary teachers, where we're mostly implementing this program, they're excited.

— Springville Griffith Institute, Brooke L., Principal 



We wanted to make sure that the teachers had some background knowledge and some deep understanding of the Science of Reading around early childhood. Not only did the Really Great Reading platform provide some of that Science of Reading, we also added another component in our pre K rise initiative to really deepen the knowledge of our staff across the state.

– Lori Bridges, Arkansas Department of Education 

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