Unit Planners


Unit Planners

Found in the Supply Room of Countdown, Blast, and HD Word Online

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What are the Unit Planners: The Unit Planners correlate with each unit in CountdownBlast, and HD Word. They help teachers plan and organize their weekly Really Great Reading lessons. They allow teachers to incorporate all of the amazing Really Great Reading resources into their instructional block.

Where can you locate the Unit Planners: For teachers who have a Teacher Presentation Online Tool subscription, the Unit Planners can be found in your Teacher Presentation Online Tool's Supply Room

  1. Go to Really Great Reading and login
  2. Launch your AppsPad
  3. Launch your Teacher Presentation Tool 
  4. Go to your Supply Room 
  5. Click on Teacher Resources 
  6. Click on Unit Planners

Countdown for Kindergarten

Sample Unit Planner

Countdown for Kindergarten Unit Planner

Blast for 1st & 2nd Grade

Sample Unit Planner

Blast for first grade Unit Planner

HD Word for 2nd-12th Grade

Sample Unit Planner

HD Word for second grade Unit Planner


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