4th-5th Grade HD Word & Really Great Vocabulary Classroom Setup- Upper Elementary

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4th-5th Grade HD Word & Really Great Vocabulary Classroom Setup- Upper Elementary

Price: $1,649.00

4th-5th Grade HD Word & Really Great Vocabulary Classroom Setup- Upper Elementary

Do you have struggling readers who can't pass their state reading test? Are they struggling to comprehend what they're reading? For many upper elementary students, reading fluency and comprehension are often impaired by underlying problems: poor decoding skills, poor vocabulary, or both. HD Word & Really Great Vocabulary's Bundle provides research-aligned solutions for decoding and vocabulary, and it’s easy to implement.  

This Upper Elementary (4th-5th) Classroom Bundle includes:

Really Great Vocabulary - Powered by InferCabulary:

  • 20 InferCabulary student seats - school year licenses

Really Great Reading's HD Word Classroom Set-up Reading Program:

  • 1 set of HD Word Teacher Lesson Plan Books
  • 1 School year subscription to HD Word Online
  • 10 HD Word Student Kits (1 kit per every 2 students)
  • 20 Guided Practice HD Word Foundations Student Workbooks sets
  • 20 Reading Playground student seats - school year licenses
  • 1 Virtual Implementation Teacher Training Course seat


20 InferCabulary Student Seats - school year licenses (VOCAB_20 $200)

Available on your teacher dashboard. InferCabulary is a revolutionary digital visual vocabulary tool that supports Tier 2 vocabulary acquisition. It uses critical thinking and inferencing skills to gain background knowledge to deepen and enrich a student's vocabulary. This process mimics the act of wide and avid reading by exposing students to the nuanced term in multiple contexts, just as if they had encountered the word over time in various novels. 

1 Teacher Guides Set - Book 1, 2, 3 (HDLP $339)

This three-book set provides teachers the information they need to effectively present the HD Word lessons.  All the lessons are built for the teacher and thoroughly explain the concepts, routines, and procedures.  The lessons are easy to follow and slightly scripted, so they can be taught by a wide range of educators, not just seasoned literacy professionals and phonics specialists.  For those unfamiliar with teaching phonemic awareness and phonics, the lesson plans include a “What You Need To Know” section for teachers to review before teaching.  Visuals and detailed information in special Teacher Notes in the manual provide incremental professional development.

1 HD Word Online - 1-year subscription (HDOL $99)

This online component brings the lessons to life.  Teachers have everything they need at their fingertips to help make phonics concepts obvious to students.  Explicit animations help teachers deliver concise, precise, and fluent instruction with no prep time. Virtual manipulatives engage the students in deeper learning.  When the instruction incorporates this visual component paired with the student manipulative kits, students learn and retain concepts faster and more effectively.

10 HD Word Student Letter Tile Kits (HDKIT $70)

The HD Word Student Letter Tile Kit provides effective multisensory phonics instruction. Students learn concepts faster and retain them better when they use these manipulative kits, which include the letter tiles, color tiles, SyllaBoards™, and other components needed to complete all 33 units. 

Note: If students participated in Blast Foundations, the HD Word Kit upgrade (HDUP $18) will supplement the Blast Student Kit with additional tiles so it can be used to complete all lessons in HD Word.

20 Guided Practice Student Workbooks - Foundations Level (HDFSW $21 each)

This set of two books contains all the printed material a student needs to participate in the lessons.  The workbooks contain oral reading fluency passages and phonics practice activities that help students develop mastery and automaticity with key skills. The Foundations activities are engaging and age-appropriate for students in grades 2-5 who have already mastered their basic decoding skill offered in Blast Foundations

20 one-year Reading Playground licenses (DPG_HDW1YR $21/student seat)

A student practice portal for Countdown, Blast, & HD Word, where foundational literacy skills can be independently practiced

  • 1 Virtual Implementation Training Course seat - One-year access
  • Virtual Professional Development - Self-paced, virtual interactive courses now available for HD Word
  • 1 HD Word Poster Set
  • A set of posters for use with HD Word lessons
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