Research & Successes

Research Alignment & Successes

Are you considering Really Great Reading’s approach? This page should help you proceed with confidence. An overwhelming number of teachers contact us regularly to share their successes. They know it works. However, for your verification, the case studies on this page prove that Really Great Reading’s Phonics Suite (Countdown, Blast Foundations, HD Word, Phonics Boost, and Phonics Blitz) is effective at improving the foundational reading skills of both young emerging readers and older struggling readers.

  • In K-4, teachers have found solid success using CountdownBlast Foundations, and HD Word to build firm foundations in early reading skills with their emerging and beginning readers.
  • In grades three and up, using HD WordPhonics Boost, and Phonics Blitz, teachers of older students have had incredible success effectively improving the basic reading skills of their struggling readers. 

It's a fact: When students' foundational reading skills are firmly in place they benefit from better word-level reading, improved reading accuracy, and an increased reading rate. For students of all ages, strong foundations result in better comprehension, an ability to tackle complex content area reading, and success on standardized tests.  Watch a quick video↠


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