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Free Reading Resources 

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Summer School Training and Lessons

Receive a free set of 25 lessons after attending a complimentary training!

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Heart Word Magic 

Help Students Learn to Read and Spell 
High-Frequency and Sight Words.

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Diagnose and Group

Quickly assess, group, and progress monitor your students for effective intervention and instruction.

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Digital Sound Wall

Teach students to connect the sounds to the spellings that represent them in words.

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Letter Tile Freeplay

A digital interface where students and teachers use letter tiles to build, segment, sound out, and spell. 

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Blog & In the News

Bridge the gap between reading research and classroom practice. Read our blogs.

Professional Development

Student Grouping

Research Alignment & Successes

We Bring Research to the Classroom

Really Great Reading is ESSA Certified. For 18 years we've been developing and offering

Vocabulary Instruction

Revolutionary Vocabulary Instruction

Boost Vocabulary With Our Visual Vocabulary Program

Reading comprehension is dependent on knowing the meaning of 98% of the words in the text. 
Learn how to boost reading comprehension in grades 2-12 with our visual vocabulary instruction

Really Great Reading Handwriting Instruction

Really Great Handwriting

Found in the Supply Room of Countdown and Blast Online

Introducing Really Great Handwriting! An engaging, explicit, and systematic supplement that is designed to enhance your students' handwriting skills.

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English Langiage Learner and Spanish Support

Really Great Reading con Español | EL Spanish Resources 

Found in the Supply Room of Countdown, Blast, and HD Word Online

How can you empower your Spanish-speaking students to excel in their English language literacy Journey? Use our Spanish support to enable the cultivation of the existing language while ensuring English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

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Schedule an Overview

Schedule a Science of Reading Curriculum Overview

Are you looking for a Science of Reading curriculum solution? We've been teaching the science of reading for 18 years. Don't decide without looking at our tested, trusted, and scientifically aligned literacy curriculum. 

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