Free Science of Reading Summer School

Free Science of Reading Summer School Lessons & Training

On May 1, for educators, we are releasing our FREE digital Science of Reading Summer School Lessons and Training again. Change your students' lives. Give the gift of literacy this summer. 

Continuing to address instructional loss, summer reading loss, and the summer slide is crucial. Our comprehensive set of digital summer school lessons will help students establish the skills and knowledge they need to reenter school successfully fall of 2024. 

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How do educators qualify for the FREE digital lessons?

  1. You must be an educator (the lesson plans are designed for trained educators)
  2. Checkout using a district email address - our system licenses by district/school.
  • Within 24-72 business hours of placing your order, you will receive your unique link to the Science of Reading Summer School Training. The email will come from so please keep an eye on your spam/junk folder.
  • On May 1, for those educators who complete the training, we will begin sending account login credentials to your district email address, so that you can access your FULLY DIGITAL Science of Reading Summer School Lessons. Your lessons will include:
    • Digital Guided Student Practice Book PDF
    • Student Reading Playgrounds 
    • Digital Teacher Presentation Online Tool
    • Digital Teachers Guide PDF 

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Free Science of Reading Summer School for Educators

Why Are They Free?

We are mission-driven. We continue to see a pervasive literacy crisis. Really Great Reading can’t stand by and watch as readers fall further and further behind. The crisis is real, but if we work together with educators, we can all help mitigate the impact. Summer school is the perfect time to intervene and make important gains. 

FREE Summer School Lessons and Trainings for the Science of Reading

What Is Included?

  • 2 hours of professional development 
  • 75 minutes of implementation training 
  • DIGITAL instructional lessons - 5 weeks of lessons

Teacher resources include:

  • The Digital Teacher’s GuideIncludes daily scripted lesson plans and a research-filled appendix. This digital 240-page lesson plan PDF will guide you through each easy-to-follow lesson.
  • The Online Teacher Presentation Tool: Includes animations, posters, and a treasure trove of supplemental resources. Helping the teacher deliver concise and vibrant lessons, and featuring new Guest Teacher Videos, this tool is your co-teacher in the classroom!
  • Professional Learning Courses: This comprehensive package wouldn't be complete without Really Great Reading's exceptional professional eLearning courses. Each package contains three hours of upfront, professional learning to ensure you can teach lessons with fidelity and confidence. The package also features incremental professional development, to assist teachers as their knowledge grows.
  • The Diagnostic Assessments:  In just 5-7 minutes, Really Great Reading's diagnostic decoding assessments answer these key questions: Which students are struggling with decoding? What types of words are they struggling with? 
  • Access to the Grouping Matrix: A complimentary, web-based, password-protected, secure student data management interface. The Grouping Matrix enables you to group students (K-12) according to the type and depth of their decoding difficulties using data from grade-level Oral Reading Fluency passages (such as DIBELS, AIMSWeb, Six Minute Solutions, Read Naturally, EasyCBM) and our complimentary diagnostic assessments. Who can be grouped together? Which instructional package (Emerging, Developing, Advancing) is right for them? 

Student resources include:

  • The Digital Student Guided Practice Packet PDFLike our student workbooks, these PDF packets allow teachers to provide students with guided practice so that they can develop accuracy and fluency with the skills they are learning. 
  • Letter Tile Freeplay: A comprehensive set of virtual phonics manipulatives that help students understand the relationships between phonemes and graphemes. This tool helps students read and spell words, fostering a deep and rich understanding of the alphabetic code.  
  • Reading Playgrounds: An independent practice portal that facilitates independent, asynchronous engagement and enables word-learning opportunities that promote mastery and automaticity—at the pace and extent they need. 

We Have Three Summer School Levels! 

Three programs in one: Emerging, Developing, and Advancing Readers! This summer we’re offering three levels of instruction that are Science of Reading aligned and will help students build the knowledge and the skills they need to become strong orthographic mappers. 

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Science of Reading Summer School Emerging

Emerging - Science of Reading SORing to Summer Success

For Rising First Graders and Severely Struggling Second and Third Graders 
This level of instruction helps develop automaticity with the foundational skills students need to jump-start their journey to strong orthographic mapping and fluent reading. Students will:
  • Solidify their letter knowledge
  • Build fluency with high-frequency words
  • Develop basic phonemic skills (isolation, segmentation, and blending)
  • Learn how to read and spell words like tap, jet, spin, and fresh


Developing Reader - Free Summer School Science of Reading Lessons

Developing - Science of Reading SORing to Summer Success​​​

For Rising Second Graders and Struggling Upper Elementary Students
This level of instruction is designed for children who have mastered some fundamental foundational skills but need additional insights about word structure to accelerate their word storage abilities and grow a large bank of automatically recognized words. Skills are taught in a structured and systematic approach to help students become excellent orthographic mappers and fluent readers. Students will:  
  • Review letter-sound relationships and become fluent with high-frequency words  
  • Gain advanced phonemic skills (deletion, addition, and substitution)
  • Read and spell complex single-syllable words, build automaticity with complex Closed Syllable words, and develop strategies for reading multi-syllabic words

FREE Summer School for Struggling Readers Students in Grades 6-12

Advancing - Science of Reading SORing to Summer Success​​​

For Struggling Students in Grades 6-12
This level of instruction is designed for older students who have reached adolescent grades and don’t have sufficient decoding skills to support comprehension. Students will:  
  • Learn and practice basic and advanced phonemic awareness skills and then leverage those skills for reading and spelling.
  • Examine phoneme-grapheme relationships in complex single-syllable words with three syllable types (Closed, Open, VCE).
  • Read 2-, 3-, and 4-syllable words with three-syllable types and the Schwa. 

Lessons are available free to all educators from May 1, 2024 - to September 15, 2024. Simply take a two-hour professional development training and we will release the lessons to you!

Is Training Included? What Will I Learn?

Yes, professional development is included as part of this packet.  The training will be released on March 11, and it will cover:
Science of Reading Concepts:
  • Best practices in decoding instruction
  • Foundational literacy skills
  • Essentials of orthographic mapping
Instructional Ideas/Techniques:
  • Basic phonemic awareness (segmenting and blending)
  • Definitions of phoneme & grapheme
  • Reading and spelling Closed Syllables
    • Digraphs
    • Blends
  • Pushing these ideas into multisyllabic words
Key Ideas:
  • Looking at and considering unfamiliar words at single and multi-syllable levels
  • Orthographically mapping words for permanent retrieval
  • Students teaching themselves to read new words
Getting Started Lessons:
  • Reviewing components
  • Accessing lessons
  • Teaching lessons using the Teacher Guide, Online Tool, and Student Practice Book
  • Student practice:
    • Guided
    • Independent                                                                                         
Pre/Post Assessments:

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