Phonics Letter Tile Kits & Syllaboards

Really Great Reading's Student Letter Tile Kits & Syllaboards

From letter tiles to SyllaBoards, Really Great Reading has a variety of hands-on manipulatives to complement any phonics-based instruction and our reading programs (CountdownBlastHD Word, & Boost).

Countdown Student Kit

Countdown Student Kit

The Countdown Student Kit is designed to work in conjunction with our kindergarten Countdown lessons and provide visual and tactile elements to our multisesory approach. It includes the letter tiles, color tiles, and other components needed to complete all 27 units of Countdown.

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Blast Student Kit

Blast Student Kit

The Blast Student Kit is designed for grades 1-2 to work in conjunction with the Blast Foundations lessons, a phonics and phonemic awareness supplemental program for young emerging or struggling readers. It includes the letter tiles, color tiles, and other components needed to complete all 25 units of Blast Foundations.

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HD Word Student Kit

The HD Word Student Kit provides the vehicle for effective multisensory phonics instruction. Students learn concepts faster and retain them better when they use the manipulative kits. The kits include the letter tiles, color tiles, SyllaBoards™, and other components needed to complete all 33 units

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Student Phonics Kit 

The Student Phonics Kit is an essential part of Boost and Blitz instruction. Students use the magnetic letter tiles, SyllaBoards, a calculator and colored pencils to practice the concepts taught in the lessons. It can also be used with other phonics-based programs.

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SyllaBoard Kit

Syllaboards are single-sided, index card sized, dry erase boards which help students break words into chunks for reading and spelling the complex multi-syllable words students encounter across the curriculum.

Letter Tile Box One

Letter Tile Box One - Basic Code with two whiteboards. Perfect for beginning readers in kindergarten and first grade. Contains 384 magnetic letter tiles, enough for use by 8 students, and comes with 2 Lapboards.

Letter Tile Box Two

Letter Tile Box Two - For advanced phonics instruction and includes 172 magnetic letter tiles and 1 Lapboard. Must be used with Box One. Designed for the second half of first grade through adult, for phonics or word study.


Magnetic Whiteboards are available from Really Great Reading in various sizes and styles including 9" x 11" Lapboards, 5.5" x 11" Halfboard,  and 2" x 11" Miniboard. They can be used in a variety of classroom activities and can be purchased individually or in bulk.



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