Kindergarten Countdown Student Kit

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Kindergarten Countdown Student Kit

Price: $50.00

Kindergarten Countdown Student Kit

The Countdown Student Kit works in conjunction with the Countdown lessons. Provides multisensory learning! Students learn more effectively when they take in information in a variety of ways: auditory (through listening), visual (through observing), tactile (through touching). This kit includes:

  • Countdown board (color printed, size: 11.5” x 10.5”)
  • 26 magnetic letter tiles (black)
  • 5 red vowel magnetic letter tiles
  • 4 magnetic color tiles (blue, yellow, green, and red).
  • Syllaboards x 2 pieces
  • Half Board (14cm x 10cm) x 1 piece
  • Dry-erase marker x 1 piece
  • Mini Eraser x 1 piece

Note: Do you already have Blast Student Kits in your classroom? You can upgrade your Blast Student Kit(s) by simply ordering the Countdown Upgrade Board (CDUP $5).

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