Countdown Reading Playground - SPRING SUBSCRIPTIONS (Jan 1 - June 30)

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Countdown Reading Playground - SPRING SUBSCRIPTIONS (Jan 1 - June 30)

Price: $14.00

Countdown Reading Playground - Spring: January - June

Term January through June (expiration date June 30)

Minimum 5 Seats - PREREQUISITE - For District & School Purchase Only - Students must be participating in teacher-led Countdown instruction (not a standalone program). 

The Countdown Reading Playgrounds helps students independently practice the foundational literacy skills they are learning in Countdown and includes:

  • A play-based digital platform for practicing skills learned in Countdown Instruction. 
  • Student assessment and practice.
  • Research-aligned activities are designed to accelerate the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to transform unfamiliar words into familiar and instantly recognizable words.
  • An adaptive platform that honors the diversity of students’ abilities to master their phonics skills at different rates and with different amounts of practice.
  • Responsive capabilities, so it can be used across multiple devices and platforms.
  • An easy-to-read teacher dashboard, so you can monitor individual student performance.

Learn more and download our Reading Playground Overview PDF>>

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