Pre-K Launchpad Teacher Guide Set

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Pre-K Launchpad Teacher Guide Set

Price: $329.00

Pre-K Launchpad Teacher Guide Set 

• Scripted, ready-to-teach lesson plans in three lesson plan books
• Thorough explanation of concepts, routines, and procedures
• Guidance for adjusting instruction to match students’ readiness
• Suggestions for teaching many lessons “anyplace,” making lessons interactive, and incorporating movement
• Embedded, incremental professional development—no phonological awareness or phonics background needed!


BONUS! Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards

Includes a set of Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards
- 52 colorful, glossy 4x6 cards for playful, interactive sound and letter instruction and practice
- Uppercase and lowercase letters with guideword and character images
- Can be used with the lessons or for additional standalone activities

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