Phonics Skills Assessments

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Phonics Skills Assessments

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Phonics Skills Assessments (PSSA) are used to measure progress of students receiving Phonics Boost or Phonics Blitz instruction. They provide a highly structured way to assess the specific skills student should have mastered after completing certain lessons. The PSSAs, combined with the teachers’ ongoing classroom observations of students’ growth, are a powerful tool for evaluating success and planning future instruction.

The PSSAs consist of 40 separate pre- and post-assessments that systematically measure mastery of the phonemic awareness and phonics concepts taught in Phonics Suite. The assessments allow educators to chart progress, report on student growth, and are a wonderful way to provide meaningful data to students, teachers, administrators and parents.

The Phonics Boost Skills Assessments book is all you need to administer the PSSAs to an unlimited number of students. This book contains an overview, administration guidelines, scripts and prompts, student pages containing words to read, an interpretation guide to help with analysis of the results, and instructional recommendations based on student performance on the assessments.

When the results from the PSSAs indicate gaps in a student’s knowledge of skills, the instructional recommendations are often linked to Phonics Boost Plus™, a program that supplements the Phonics Boost and Blitz instruction.

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Customers Typically Receive

  • 40 systematic assessments
  • Form A to determine a student’s present level of performance (pre-test)
  • Form B to measure growth or changes in performance (post-test)
  • Scoring guidelines to help determine mastery of concepts
  • Instructional recommendations when a student is struggling with a certain concept
  • Measures Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Knowledge
  • One book to assess all of your students
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