Anchor Charts for Grades 2-12 -PREORDER Due May 2024

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Anchor Charts for Grades 2-12 -PREORDER Due May 2024

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Anchor Charts for Grades 2-12 

Expected Ship Date: Summer 2024 

Anchor charts that help students in grades 2-12 with colorful and clear visuals for more advanced phonics concepts. A total of 22 posters are included.  


The Anchor Chart Poster Set for grades 2-12 is: 

  • A set of 22 large wall posters, folded & shrink wrapped
  • 17.5” x 13.5”
  • Focused on the phonics and spelling concepts generally taught in 2nd -12th grade
  • Used as both a teaching and a reference tool during decoding and encoding instruction and practical application 
  • A clear, easily accessible, visual reminder of concepts taught 

The set includes the following charts: 

  • Trigraphs vs. Digraph Blends vs. 3 Sound Blends
  • Closed Syllable Exceptions  
  • -ng and -nk Chunks 
  • Schwa 
  • Latin Endings 
  • Consonant and Vowel Suffixes 
  • Prefixes 
  • Syllable Types 
  • Reading Multisyllabic words  
  • Soft c and Soft g 
  • Long a, Long e, Long i, Long o, and Long u Spellings 
  • Spellings of r-controlled vowel sounds /ar/, /or/, and /er/ 
  • Spellings of other/variant vowel sounds /oo/, /oi/, /ou/, /oo/, and /aw/



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