Blast Foundation Passages

Blast Foundations Passages

Blast Passages

Quick Facts:

What? 22 strictly controlled passages, one for each unit in our Blast Foundations Teacher's Guides. 
When?  Units 4-25 of Blast Foundations, after Lesson 4 of each corresponding unit has been taught.
Where? Included as a complimentary download in Blast Online's Supplemental Resources. 
How? Can be used in the classroom, in small groups, or sent home for practice.

We are excited to announce the release of Blast Foundations Passages, 22 strictly controlled passages that directly correlate with the instruction delivered in the Blast Foundations Teacher's Guides, units 4-25. The passages are included in a 6 month or one year Blast Online subscription, and a complimentary download is available in the Supplemental Resources area of Blast Online.

As students develop mastery and automaticity with the skills taught in Blast Foundations, the Passages can be used to reinforce these skills by providing opportunities for practice and application of these skills within longer connected text.

  • The passages are included in a 6 month or one year Blast Online subscription, and a complimentary download is available from Blast Online’s Supplemental Resources.
  • There are 22 passages: one for each unit in our Blast Foundations Teacher's Guides beginning with Unit 4.
  • Each passage emphasizes the phonics skill(s) students have learned in the corresponding unit of Blast Foundations.
  • The Blast Foundations Passages are strictly controlled. They consist of words containing phonics skills students have explicitly learned in Blast Foundations, Heart Words taught in Blast Foundations, and other select words from the Dolch 220 high frequency word list.
  • Each Blast Foundations Passage has a corresponding differentiated version. The differentiated option can be used for students needing additional support to read the passages accurately and/or fluently. This version has a list of words containing the new skill for that unit that students can mark and decode before reading the passage. The differentiated passages also contain fewer Dolch words than the standard passages, and Heart Words the students have learned in Blast Foundations are marked with a small heart like in the Student Workbooks.
  • The Blast Foundations Passages can be used in the classroom with whole groups, in small groups, or sent home for practice.

Are you still learning about Blast Foundations?  Learn more, read on>>


Really Great Reading's Blast Foundations™

In just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week for only 25 weeks build the important and lifelong foundations needed for all future academic success. Blast Foundations is designed for struggling readers in grades 1-3 and is a phonics and phonemic awareness supplemental program with hands-on multisensory and manipulative based instruction.

Blast Teacher Guides

Blast Teachers Guides

The Blast Teacher's Lesson Plans provide teachers with all the information they need to effectively present the Blast lessons. All the lessons are built for the teacher, and include a thorough explanation of the concepts, routines, and procedures. The lessons are easy to follow so they can be taught by a wide range of educators, not just seasoned literacy professionals and phonics specialists.

Download a Blast Foundations Sample Lesson>>

Blast Foundations Online

Blast Online

This essential interactive teacher presentation tool is used in conjunction with the Blast Foundations Teachers Guides to add a new dimension to instruction. Blast Foundations Online will help you engage emerging and struggling readers. This web based virtual manipulative will help make important phonics concepts obvious to their students. Students learn concepts faster and retain them better when teachers use this presentation tool.

Blast Student Workbooks

The Blast Students Workbooks increase student outcomes, and serve as light formative assessment so teachers can understand who really mastered the concepts and who may need more instruction. Blast has two different workbook sets:

Blast Student Kit

Blast Student Kit

The NEW Blast Student Kit now comes in a box and provides letter tiles and SyllaBoards to practice the phonics concepts taught in Blast Foundations.

The Blast Student Kit is designed for grades K-2 to work in conjunction with the  Blast Foundations lessons, a phonics and phonemic awareness supplemental program for K-1. 


Blast - Student Group Size, Scope and Sequence, and Lesson Structure

Blast Foundations lessons can be taught in various group sizes, depending on your situation. When used in kindergarten and early 1st grade, Blast can be taught as a whole class supplement, thus the group sizes are large. When it’s taught as an intervention in 1st and 2nd grade, it's typically taught in smaller groups because only those who are falling behind are provided with Blast.

The Blast Foundations scope and sequence is systematic and cumulative. 

The scope and sequence covers explicit instruction in the foundational skills needed to help students who struggle with basic skills in reading in kindergarten through 2nd Grade.  They will learn how to master words with cvc, digraphs, two-sound blends, trigraphs, and the vowel-consonant-e spelling.  Students also learn how to apply functional strategies to successfully read multisyllabic words with ease. Blast targets the skills students need to build confidence with decoding skills in order to become accurate fluent readers.

Please click here for a full scope and sequence, included in the Blast Foundations Sample Lesson>>

Blast has 25 units which are comprised of 5 lessons per week. Designed to be completed in 15 to 20 minutes sessions, each lesson keeps students actively engaged in the learning process with multisensory teaching.  In one week, students are immersed in 75-100 minutes of explicit instruction.

  • Lesson 1 (Monday) – Letter Sounds / Sight Words
  • Lesson 2 (Tuesday) – Phonemic Awareness
  • Lesson 3 (Wednesday) – Phonics Instruction
  • Lesson 4 (Thursday) – Student Practice
    • Detective Work
    • Word Sort
    • Controlled/Partially Controlled Phrase Reading
    • New! Blast Foundation Passages, to be taught after Lesson 4 is completed
  • Lesson 5 (Friday) – Wrap-Up
    • Partially Controlled Phrase and Sentence Reading
    • Spell It!  (Review and practice words with Phonics Concept from Lesson 3)

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