HD Word Plus Student Workbooks

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HD Word Plus Student Workbooks

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HD Word Plus Student Workbooks

There are two HD Word Plus Student Workbooks:

  • Book 1 (Support Units 1-20) 
  • Book 2 (Support Units 21-33)

Each student has their own workbook. Workbooks can be used as informal assessments as well as a means for the students to review and practice the activities they have previously completed. The workbooks provide them with the targeted repetitions they need, and allow them to practice and reread syllables, words, phrases, sentences, and definitions.

The workbooks also contain an essential “Reminders” section for each Support Unit that summarizes the most important information that a student would have recently learned in the correlating HD Word lesson. These reminders include items such as:

  • definitions of commonly used terms with examples
  • guidewords
  • spelling rules
  • generalizations and definitions of syllable types

Click here to download the HD Word Sample Lesson and Overview and go to the following pages to see examples of the "Reminders" and workbook activities: 

  • Support Unit 4 Student Workbook pp.43
  • Support Unit 14 Student Workbook pp.70
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