Pre-K Launchpad Classroom Setup - SY 2024-2025

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Pre-K Launchpad Classroom Setup - SY 2024-2025

Price: $459.00

Pre-K Launchpad Classroom Setup 

Term:  July 2024- June 2025 School Year

Launchpad offers your youngest students the opportunity to develop important pre-reading skills In only 15–20 minutes a day, such as:

  • knowing that sounds are represented by letters
  • letters can be put together to create words
  • recognizing the concepts of print and letter name
  • developing letter-sound knowledge
  • developing phonological and phonemic awareness

The Launchpad for Pre-K Classroom Set up includes:



This Classroom Setup includes a set of Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards ($25):

  • 52 colorful, glossy 4x6 cards for playful, interactive sound and letter instruction and practice
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters with guideword and character images
  • Can be used with the lessons or for additional standalone activities

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