Phonics Boost Classroom Set-up -12 students in 2 groups of 6

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Phonics Boost Classroom Set-up -12 students in 2 groups of 6

Price: $1,399.00
Phonics Boost Intervention Set-up

Everything one teacher needs to teach 12 students in 2 groups of 6.

• 1 x Phonics Boost Lesson Plans
• 12 x Sets of Student Workbooks
• 1 x Boost Online™ - School Year subscription
• 6 x Student Phonics Kits

Phonics Boost Quick Facts:

  • 80 hours of instruction
  • Recommended group size 1 to 8
  • Level of decoding difficulty
    • Mild to Moderate (grades 2-3)
    • Significant (grades 4-12)
    • Severe (grades 4-12)
  • Grades: 2-12
  • Weeks to complete: 20-24
  • Pacing : Moderate
  • RtI: Tiers 2 and 3

Phonics Boost Plus™ - For students who are growing with Phonics Boost, but need additional exposure to master the new concepts supplement Phonics Boost. Learn more>>

The above set-up come with a year's subscription to Letter Tiles Online. This interactive teaching tool is to be used with Phonics Boost to add a new dimension to your phonics instruction. Letter Tiles Online will help you engage struggling and beginning readers, as you help them explore the world of reading with this hands-on virtual manipulative. After ordering the Boost Classroom Set-up please add the name and email address of the teacher who will be implementing Boost to the comment section at check-out. We will get them access to this interactive teaching tool.

For teachers that don't have interactive whiteboard or projectors we offer a set of physical manipulatives called the Teacher Phonics Kit. This kit is not included in the above set-up, but can be purchased separately. Please contact us we will write you a purchase recommendation that will detail what you need.

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