Phonics Boost Student Workbooks

Phonics Boost Student Workbooks

Price: $45.00
Phonics Boost Student Workbooks (set of 6 workbooks)

Each set of workbooks includes 6 books: two Passages Books (each contains 40 oral reading passages) and four Student Workbooks (each has 20 lessons).

Phonics Boost Fast Facts

  • Number of lessons 80
  • Recommended Group Size 6-12 in grades 2-3 , and 4-6 in 4th grade and higher.
  • Diagnostic Decoding Survey results - Level of Decoding Difficulty - Significant to Severe
  • Grades 2–12
  • Weeks to Complete 20
  • Pacing - Moderate
  • RtI, Tiers 3 and Special Education

Download a Phonics Boost sample lesson>>

More About Phonics Boost

Phonics Boost features 80 lessons that address the needs of struggling readers in grades 2–12. Just like Phonics Blitz™, the heart of the instruction is phonemic awareness and phonics, with the net effect of gains in vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. In grades 2–3, the lessons can be used to address the basic reading skills that students need to succeed with complex text. In grades 4–12, Phonics Boost is used with students with severe decoding weaknesses, who need intensive reading support to overcome their decoding deficits.

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