Phonics Boost Oral Reading Passages, Book 2

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Phonics Boost Oral Reading Passages, Book 2

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Phonics Boost Oral Reading Passages Student Book 2 (Lessons 41-80)

ISBN - 9780982032299

Phonics Boost Oral Reading Passages, Book 2. This is the second book in a set of two workbooks to be used in conjunction with Phonics Blitz and contains oral reading passages and student activities.

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Phonics Boost

Phonics Boost is a set of 80 intervention lessons for students in grades 2–12. It helps students in grades 4–12 who have significant and severe decoding weaknesses and helps students in grades 2–3 who are not acquiring decoding skills at an appropriate pace. The primary focus of the lessons is phonemic awareness, phonics concepts, and essential word-attack skills and the net effect of these lessons is faster and more accurate reading of complex text.

Students’ accuracy, fluency, and comprehension improve when they learn with Phonics Boost. Students placed in Phonics Boost have typically struggled to acquire key foundational literacy skills, and need a slower pace and more practice than their peers. 

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