Phonics Boost Plus Passages

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Phonics Boost Plus Passages

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Phonics Boost Plus™ Passages

ISBN - 9780979079788

For many students, the passages that come with Phonic Boost are just a little too difficult. Really Great Reading offers an alternative set of passages for these students. This book includes 40 passages with an easier reading level than Phonics Boost, yet integrates perfectly with Phonics Boost instruction and can be used to replace the existing Boost passages.

The Phonics Boost Plus Passage Book provides passages for oral reading practice to improve accuracy and fluency. Students read expository passages with topics from content areas that appeal to a wide range of interests. These passages can be used during the Oral Reading Procedure in the Phonics Boost lessons, or they can be used for additional accurate and fluent reading practice in the Phonics Boost Plus program.

The Phonics Boost Plus passages are written at a lower readability level (easier vocabulary and simpler sentence structure) than those in Phonics Boost. Like Phonics Boost passages, students preview new vocabulary in the Words to Preview section. Phonics Boost Plus passages have added an additional section called Point and Say to explicitly preview words that may be more difficult to decode. These sections make the passages more accessible than the standard Phonics Boost passages for students who are reading significantly below grade level. The supplemental passages range from a high first-grade to a mid-second-grade level according to a Flesch-Kincaid readability test, and each passage contains approximately 300-350 words. The topics of the Phonics Boost Plus passages are different from those provided with Phonics Boost, so students who are exposed to the standard Phonics Boost passages will be exposed to new content with the Phonics Boost Plus passages.

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