Oral Language Development Webinar



The Bridge to Learning:
The Crucial Role of Oral Language
in Every Aspect of Learning 

Join us for an insightful exploration of the transformative impact of oral language skills on academic and social success.
Led by renowned experts like Professor Charles Hulme (Oxford University), Dr. Danielle “Nell” Thompson (Transformative Reading Teacher Group), Sarah Hearne, and a select group from the Really Great Reading Team, this webinar promises a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
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Oral language skills are the foundation of effective communication and learning. From active listening to understanding abstract concepts, these skills form the backbone of every student's academic journey. Discover the undeniable link between robust oral language skills and academic success, and learn about the tools and expertise available to address existing gaps.


Unlock students' potential by focusing on Oral Language Development
Learning how to target oral language intervention can drastically transform the academic experience of many of your students. This webinar isn't just about boosting grades. We delve deep into how intentional interventions in oral language can foster self-esteem, improve peer interactions, and bolster overall social-emotional well-being in students. It's about shaping well-rounded individuals who thrive both in and out of the classroom.
Why does this fit into our Science of Reading Series?

Because it’s a natural and essential fit. Oral language skills form the bedrock upon which reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and overall literacy are built.

Highlights & Takeaways
 Understand the fundamental importance of oral language skills for academic excellence.
 Learn real-world best practices for screening and enhancing these vital skills in an educational setting.
 Develop a critical eye for recognizing weaknesses and understanding their implications for classroom success.
 Arm yourself with tools and strategies for effective classroom interventions.
Who Should Attend? 
✓ Speech and language pathologists 
✓ School administrators
 Anyone interested in the intersection of oral language and academic success

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