Countdown Student Kit

Countdown Student Kit

Price: $45.00

Countdown Student Kit


The Countdown Student Kit is designed to work in conjunction with the Countdown phonics lessons and provide visual and tactile elements to our multisesory approach. It includes the letter tiles, color tiles, and other components needed to complete all 27 units of Countdown.

The Countdown Student Kit contains:  

  • Countdown board (color printed, size: 11.5” x 10.5”)
  • 26 letter tiles (black) + 5 red vowel letter tiles + 4 color tiles (blue, yellow, green, and red).
  • Syllaboards x 2 pieces
  • Half Board (14cm x 10cm) x 1 piece
  • Dry erase marker x 1 piece
  • Mini Eraser x 1 piece
  • Bagged in a durable zipped plastic bag with a handle


Multisensory learning is learning that involves two or more of the senses within the same activity. Students learn more effectively when they take in information in a variety of ways: auditory (through llistening) visual (through observing) tactile (through touching).

Note: Do you already have Blast Student Kits in your classroom? You can upgrade your Blast Student Kit(s) by simply ordering the Countdown Upgrade Board (CDUP $5).

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